Recessed Lights Hardwired and installed directly inside a ceiling, wall, or other surface, recessed fixtures take up very little space. Their unobtrusive design is perfect in a standard closet or walk-in closet because there’s no risk of hitting the recessed lights when putting your clothes away.

What kind of light should I use for a small closet?

A small, 30- to 80-square-foot closet is best illuminated with an LED closet light system of 7 to 15 watts, or 500 to 1,000 lumens of light. (A 15-watt LED bulb is about as bright as a 25-watt fluorescent bulb or a 75-watt incandescent bulb.

Can you put a light in a small closet?

Distances between fixtures and storage items: For surface-mounted incandescent or LED light fixtures, there must be a minimum distance of 12 inches between the fixture and any items stored in the closet. For recessed incandescent or LED light fixtures, this distance must be at least 6 inches.

How do you light a small closet?

11 Best Closet Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Wardrobe

  1. Opt for LED Closet Lights. …
  2. Find the Right Wattage. …
  3. Add Ribbon Lighting Above Closet Rod. …
  4. Install Recessed Puck Lighting. …
  5. Illuminate the Base of the Closet. …
  6. Install Track Lighting or Light Bars. …
  7. Try LED Strip Lights. …
  8. Make a Statement with a Chandelier or Pendant Light.

Where do you put lights in a small closet?

If your closet includes shelves, try and add vertical strip lighting on the panel sides rather than under every shelf. This will give a more even light (especially if it is installed about 4-5 inches from of the front of the shelf or cabinet).

Can I put recessed lights in a closet?

Recessed LED or incandescent lighting fixtures must be installed at least six inches from clothing/storage areas. Incandescent fixtures with open or partially enclosed lamps and pendant fixtures or lamp holders are not permitted in clothes closets.

Do closet lights need to be enclosed?

Surface-mounted (not pendant) incandescent and LED fixtures must be enclosed and placed a minimum of 12 inches away from the storage area.

How do you light a closet without an outlet?

Best solution to light a closet without wires – Best solution is the MB980 Ceiling Light. It’s motion sensor will activate the light when the door is opened and it will turn off automatically, after 30 seconds without motion. 100 lumens of bright light.

How do I install a ceiling light without wires?

To install a ceiling light without wiring, look for plug-in pendant lights. These are single lights that hang by a cord from the ceiling and plug into a nearby outlet.

How do you light up a linen closet?

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Quote from Youtube video: Then you close the door and forget about turning it off and then it uses up all the batteries. So I've got a great solution for you inside my closet I installed a product called an Brighton by GE.

How many lumens do I need for a small closet?

In a small closet–one in which you can touch all walls standing in the middle–you’ll need the equivalent of 150 watts or 2,000 lumens of light. (You can use multiple bulbs and fixtures to add up to this amount.) As the closet gets bigger, multiply the wattage accordingly.

How do you add a light to a closet?

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Quote from Youtube video: And they have a little flat area right here that you can stick the led strips to. And then they've also got these lenses that can slide over the top that will help to diffuse the lights.

How do you put lights in a custom closet?

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Quote from Youtube video: Here right underneath the front lip of the. Shelf there we have it. And we'll continue on now i put a light bar. Not on the top one i put it down here there and the bottom.

Where do you put LED strips in closet?

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Quote from Youtube video: It to the top of the closet. The end of the strip lighting has kind of a wiring.

Can you put LED lights in closet?

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Quote from Youtube video: Gets kind of dark. So we're gonna approve on this closet with a little trick I picked up from the kitchen. These are the under the cabinet linkable LED lights. And we're gonna wire them up in the