You can get a mixer tool that attaches to a power drill. This does a much better and faster job than the wooden paint stirring sticks you can pick up at any paint store.

What can I use to stir paint can?

Paint Stirrer

Forget your old stir sticks! Instead, grab a plastic hanger and cut off the bottom rung with a fine-tooth saw, leaving a “stirring hook” on one end. Tighten it in an electric drill and mix paint or finish in seconds.

What tool do you use to mix paint?

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Quote from Youtube video: The design of the impeller mixer allows you to get into all the corners of the can. You're going to continue mixing that paint for a minute or two. Really making sure that it's well mixed.

Do I need a paint stirrer?

Yes, paint does need to be stirred. It needs to be stirred every time you use it, as well as while you’re painting. This is the reason you are given a stirring stick every time you buy paint from the store. Generally, you’ll want to stir the paint for a couple of minutes before you start painting.

How do you stir old paint at home?

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Quote from Youtube video: So what you got to do is get the scraper a sturdy one or a screwdriver in the side and just hit that thing down. There. If you have a look in there.

Are paint stir sticks free at Home Depot?

Home Depot Paint Stick Sanders

Paint sticks are free at any Home Depot paint department.

How do you mix paint easily?

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Quote from Youtube video: Blue versus let's say a phthalo blue or a primary. Blue ultramarine is going to be a little bit closer to purple there so it makes it easier for me to mix a nice lavender. Color so in this case.

How do you shake up paint?

How to stir paint:

  1. Carefully open your paint before stirring.
  2. When using a stir stick to stir the paint – scrape the edges.
  3. When using an electric paint mixer – watch out for air bubbles.
  4. Stir until the paint is uniform – and then stir a little longer.
  5. Repeat stirring throughout your painting project.

How do you make a paint mixer?

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Quote from Youtube video: And I agree a stirrer probably cost a dollar and a half at Home Depot not too expensive. But that was made with a hanger sitting in the closet that's pretty cool okay what else do we have.

What is a squirrel mixer?

Description. Homax® PolyPro Squirrel® Mixer mixes most types of viscous liquids, including paint, texture, stains, coatings, adhesives, and joint compounds. Use with any variable speed drill. The patented mixing cage technology mixes paints in seconds.

How do you mix paint that has been sitting a long time?

Since the paint has been sitting for so long, it’s likely it has separated. You will have to blend the contents thoroughly with a paint stirrer for at least five minutes. Stir up the paint and then test it on a piece of cardboard. If the paint looks normal and goes on smoothly, then you’re ready to start painting!

How do you stir a 5 gallon paint without a drill?

Situate the 5-gallon bucket on top of spread-out newspaper or a drop cloth.

  1. Lower a heavy paint stick designed for use in a 5-gallon bucket into the bucket, scraping it along one edge of the bucket. …
  2. Drag the stick around the outer rim of the bucket, moving very slowly.

How do you shake 5 gallons of paint?

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Quote from Youtube video: And then start spinning what I'm gonna do is start spinning it and make slowly larger and larger circles. Until I get to the outer walls. And now I'm going to keep it in contact with the outer walls.

How do you pour paint out of a gallon can?

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Quote from Youtube video: Past the rim of the can take another piece about the same length. And again stick it down an inch or. So. Just press it down. Then these little tabs you want to fold under and that creates.

How do you stir and pour 5 gallons of paint?

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Quote from Youtube video: Down at that bottom place that it's really mixing it all the way through the entire portion of the paint whether it's a gallon or a five gallon bucket. You're.

How often should you stir 5 gallon paint?

2. Stir, stir, stir, and stir some more. There’s a reason that you are given a stirrer every time you buy a can of paint. The ingredients can and do separate—make sure to stir when you start to paint, and again every so often while painting.

How do you attach a paint stirrer to a drill?

Tip for Mixing Paint with a Drill Attachment

  1. Drill a hole in the top of the paint can lid.
  2. Insert the mixer through the hole.
  3. Hammer the lid on the can.
  4. Attach the drill and mix the paint.