If you find that your washer is routinely stopping during the rinse cycle, then it may be caused by a faulty water inlet valve. As it stops during the rinse cycle, the washer will stop in the middle of the wash. It will not advance likely because it reads that the water level is too low.

Why is my washing machine stopping at the wash cycle?

If your machine is stopping mid cycle, the problem may be that it is unable to drain out the water. Can you see water left inside the drum? If you can then the pump filter may be blocked or the waste arrangement (if you have connected the machine to the kitchen sink) may have a blockage .

What do you do when your washer stops mid cycle?

Try stopping the machine, draining the water and rearranging the laundry. The spinning cycle won’t start if the water hasn’t drained completely. Turn off your washing machine and check the drain hose and the pump filter.