How do you cut a painting on a wall?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: If you go really slow doing your cut ends your lines going to be more crooked. So the faster you can go the straighter the line you can make obviously that takes a lot of practice to go faster.

How do you cut a neatly painting?

Dip the brush into the paint, then tap (don’t wipe) each side against your container to knock off the excess. Brush the paint on the wall, about 1/2 in. from the trim. Then make a second pass, cutting in all the way to the trim.

Do you cut in before or after rolling?

You’ll need to “cut-in” the corners and areas around trim with a paintbrush. Cut in the corners before you roll paint on the main surfaces. This means painting both sides of each corner starting about two brush lengths away and painting in to the corner. Use a 2- or 3-inch brush for paints.