Why did my Whirlpool fridge stop cooling?

Dirty condenser coils are the most common cause for a Whirlpool refrigerator not cooling. Condenser coils dissipate heat as the refrigerant passes through them. If the coils are clogged in dirt and debris, they can’t release the heat properly.

Why would a refrigerator suddenly stop cooling?

Clogged coils can cause poor cooling. Check to make sure nothing is stuck in the condenser fan and that it spins freely (models with coils on the back won’t have a fan). To do this, unplug the fridge and pull it out. Clean the fan blades and spin the fan by hand to see if it’s stuck.

How long do Whirlpool refrigerators last?

How long does a Whirlpool refrigerator last? Though this will vary by refrigerator model, you can expect your Whirlpool fridge to last anywhere between 13 and 17 years. A typical refrigerator can last anywhere from 15 to 17 years on average.

How do you reset the cooling system on a Whirlpool refrigerator?

To turn cooling off: Press and hold the LOCK and MEASURED FILL buttons at the same time for 3 seconds. IMPORTANT: To avoid unintentionally locking the dispenser or changing other settings, be sure to press both buttons at exactly the same time.

Is there a reset button on a Whirlpool refrigerator?

Press the door switches and the refrigerator temperature button three times within 10 seconds. After releasing the switches, there should be a letter “S” display in the freezer section and an “E” in the refrigerator’s display. Press the fridge temp button once to get to the service moved.

What are some of the problems with Whirlpool refrigerators?

Common refrigerator problems and solutions

  • Poor ice production or quality.
  • Refrigerator not cooling.
  • Motor runs too much.
  • Water dispenser not working properly.
  • Refrigerator is loud and noisy.

How do you fix a refrigerator that is not cooling?

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Quote from Youtube video: The process is relatively easy first unplug the unit and locate the condenser. You may find the coils mounted on the back of the refrigerator or on the bottom behind the front or back panel carefully.

How do you fix a refrigerator that won’t get cold?

Pull the unit away from the wall and unplug it. Check the owner’s manual for any “off” or “zero” settings in your fridge and freezer and set them to off or zero. Plug the unit back in and adjust the temperature controls of both to your desired setting. Give the fridge about 24 hours to cool to your set temperature.

What is the first thing to check when a refrigerator stops working?

If Your Fridge Has Stopped and the Light is Off

As obvious as this sounds, often a fridge shuts down completely because it’s simply getting no power. The first thing to check is the breaker (in your home’s electrical service panel) of the circuit serving the fridge.

How do I put my Whirlpool refrigerator in diagnostic mode?

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Quote from Youtube video: You need to press the temperature. Select. Button you need to press the temperature. Select button until it is set to the single light setting at the top of the control.

Does a fridge have a reset button?

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Quote from Youtube video: Button not all refrigerators have a reset for those that don't unplugging it and then plugging it back in is enough to reset it as long as the power in the circuits.

Where is the reset button on a Whirlpool refrigerator ice maker?

The reset button is usually located at the bottom of the ice maker unit or in some cases at the top or on the bottom of the ice tray. Once located, press the button down for a few seconds until you hear a beep sound. Once you hear the beep sound, let go of the button.

How do I reset my Whirlpool refrigerator after a power outage?

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Quote from Youtube video: Follow these steps to reset your refrigerator successfully turn off the refrigerator unplug the machine turn off the circuit breaker that powers the refrigerator.

How do I manually reset my ice maker?

Unplug the machine and wait 10 seconds. Plug the machine back in and press the ON button. You should see a blue light appear, letting you know that the machine has been reset.

What is the feeler arm on a Whirlpool ice maker?

The feeler arm is the sensor inside the ice maker that stops it from making too much ice. It alerts the ice maker when the ice tray is full. If the feeler arm is stuck, it won’t be able to adjust itself according to the ice level in the tray. This will make the ice maker think that the tray is full when it isn’t.

Should the lever be up or down to make ice?

If the wire arm of your ice maker is in the up position, this signifies to the ice maker that the ice storage bucket is full and turns the ice maker off. If you would like your ice maker to continue making ice, the arm lever should be in the down position.

Why won’t the arm on my ice maker go down?

If the ice maker control arm is stuck in the “up” position and there is ice in the ice maker, defrost the freezer. See also, Manually Defrost a Sub-Zero. Turn the home circuit breaker to the unit off for 30 seconds and back on again. Retest the unit operation.

How do I force my ice maker to cycle?

If your gear has a small notch in it, then you may need a flat-head screwdriver. Use it to turn your gear counterclockwise until you hear the mentioned click. In both situations, the click that is heard will force the ice maker to cycle.

How do you jumpstart a whirlpool ice maker?

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Quote from Youtube video: Use your crescent wrench to get a nice tight grip on there you don't want to leave it loose because then I start leaking water and they'll be water all over the place.

How do I test my Whirlpool ice maker?

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Quote from Youtube video: You have to get into diagnostics. And you do that by shutting. The left door holding the two leftmost buttons on the display hold it for three seconds.