How do you hook up a ballast to a lamp?

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Quote from Youtube video: And you're going to connect this red wire. Over here to both the blue and the red wires going to the bulb connection on the fixture.

How do you wire a ballast wire?

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Quote from Youtube video: It's very simply installed just follow the wiring diagram. And make sure the wires go to the parts of the light fixture that correspond with the diagram.

What are yellow wires on a ballast?

The common yellow wires connect from the ballast to push-in connectors on one of the right holders of lamp 1 or 2. Two yellow wires connect the common lampholders together.

What are the black and white wires on a ballast?

Black wire is for line voltage and white wire for neutral. An instant start ballast uses a single wire which connects from the ballast to each of the lamp terminals.

What color wire are the hot in ballast?

Generally, the hot wire on the ballast is black, and the neutral is white. The other colors are the wires that connect the ballast to the fluorescent tube holders and to each other.

What happens if you wire a ballast wrong?

If a ballast fails, it can cause a short, burn out tubes or even cause a fire, so it must be replaced. Lights that don’t turn on, fluorescent tubes blackened near their ends, and brown, burnt tube electrodes are all indicators that a ballast is bad.

Where does the red wire go on a ballast?

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Quote from Youtube video: You have your black inner right here.

How many wires are in a ballast?

Wires on the Replacement Ballast / Transformer

The replacement ballast provides 5 wires: black, white, blue, blue (equivalent) and red. Incoming electrical power at the fixture connects to the line BLACK and WHITE wires shown on the diagram.

Does ballast need to be grounded?

The fixture or ballast does not have to be grounded through an equipment ground to operate. Yes, the ballast case has to be electrically connected to the sheet metal behind the lamps for them to ignite.

How do I ground a ballast?

If the ballast doesn’t have a ground wire or terminal the ballast is just grounded to the fixture housing by it’s mounting screws. The ground wire on the cord usually attaches to a designated (green) screw on the fixture frame.

Where does ground wire go on fluorescent light fixture?

The screw is almost always directly attached to the metal body of the fixture or to metal that is connected to the metal body. The ground wire from the cable (also usually green) should be attached to the grounding wire on the fixture with a wire nut or screwed to the grounding screw.

Do fluorescent lights need a neutral wire?

Yes, it does matter. By switching the ground, hot, and neutral wires you may inadvertently produce an electrocution hazard in the metal frame of the fluorescent fixture.

How do you wire a 4 lamp ballast?

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Quote from Youtube video: One is to just cut the wires and splice it in or you can take all these two stones out these are called tombstones. And just plug the new wire. In.

How do you wire a fluorescent light plug?

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Quote from Youtube video: White wire in there push it in all the way till it bottoms out and the black wire in there as well on. This particular plug which the other plug.