What do you use for shade sail posts?

It is recommended to use a round steel post with a minimum diameter of 90mm, or a 90x90mm square steel post. Post wall thickness should be a minimum of 3.5mm.

Can you use 4×4 posts for a shade sail?

If your posts will actually be 12′ above ground, and they’re not supported with any sort of diagonal bracing, you will want 6x6s (or at least 4x6s). 4x4s will flex and bounce substantially at that height.

How do you make a sunshade pole?

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Quote from Youtube video: And have a footer usually concrete. So the labor is a little bit more intensive. But by installing a permanent post like that you can use turn buckles on the sail shade and draw it up tightly.

Do shade sail posts need to be in concrete?

Wooden posts can warp and rot over time and this can cause misalignment of the shade sail. All posts should be embedded in concrete footings. Measure out the centers of the footing positions. Dig the holes to the required size for your posts height.

How high should a sail shade be?

4. Changes in height

Distance between Posts Change of height required for 30% as a minimum then the Height of fixing on High post would be
10′ ~ 3m 3′ ~ 0.9m 11′ 2″ ~ 3.40m
15′ ~ 4.5m 4′ 6″ ~ 1.35m 12′ 8″ ~ 3.85m
20′ ~ 6m 6′ ~ 1.8m 14′ 2″ ~ 4.3m

How much wind can a shade sail withstand?

85 mph winds

How much wind can a shade sail withstand? A properly installed, good quality shade sail should be able to withstand normal wind flow. Shade sails form a tensioned structure and they should not flap in the wind. Sails generally are designed to withstand up to 85 mph winds.

How deep do shade sail posts need to be?

Post lengths should be taken into account with the proposed height of the sail plus the depth of your footings. Footing depth should be a minimum of 36 inches deep and 30inches square. For example, if your post height is higher than 8 feet, we recommend a hole depth 40% of the height above ground.

How do you install sun shade posts?

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Quote from Youtube video: And then we're going to put the poll in and then fill it with so much we're going to drill our hole now for we're going to put it all thread through the bottom so it attaches to the cement.

How do I attach a shade sail to a metal post?

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Quote from Youtube video: Get that because then you won't need to use this split. Link now if you want to extend this out a little bit further then you're going to need some rope.

How do you anchor a shade sail to a house?

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Quote from Youtube video: So what we need to do is attach two fixing points to the house. And then concrete in two timber posts at the end of the deck. And attach the fixing.

Are sail shades worth it?

When selected with care, shade sails are a great way to block out harmful UV rays while adding style to your space. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, and are generally constructed of UV-resistant materials.

How do you install a freestanding shade sail?

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Quote from Youtube video: Sail. I should sleep away from the center of the sail at an angle of 10 degrees for steel and 20 degrees for timber. It's a good idea to attach a powder before you install the post.

Do shade sails stop rain?

While these natural elements can force you to stay indoors, you can choose to install shade sails around your home to enjoy the outdoors, come rain or sunshine. Waterproof shade sails not only block out the harmful UV rays of the sun, but they can also protect you from the rains and winds.

Why do shade sails sag?

Without a wire rope around the perimeter, tension applied at each attachment point is not distributed evenly in the sail, creating areas of concentrated stress around the corners. This causes the center to sag and increases the risk of tearing at the corners.

How do you measure a shade for a sail?

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Quote from Youtube video: Second you'll measure the distance between the attachment points measure from mounting point to mounting point you can't just measure the distance between the poles on the ground.

How big of a sun shade do I need?

You will want to order a shade sail that is slightly smaller than the area you want to cover. A smaller size prevents the sail from blowing around in windy weather and causing structural damage to the attachment points. When installing the shade sail, you will pull it taut and stretch it as far as possible.

Why are shade sails triangular?

A triangle shaped sail will offer less shade than a square, but it’s more spatially flexible and can fit into smaller areas better. Plus, it has one less fixing point, so you can be a little more imaginative with it.

How much curve is in a shade sail?

Generally, the curvature sits anywhere between 5 to 10 percent of the edge length. i.e. if the sail edge (point to point) is 5 metres long, it will have up to 50 cm of curve (dip) in the centre.

Do shade sails catch wind?

When it comes to wind, most shade sails are fabricated to withstand a minimum of 85 mph, three-second gusts. USA SHADE, for one, engineers its structures up to 150 mph, dependent upon the location of the structure.