Where should I put my LED light strips?

5 great spots for LED strip lights around your home

  1. Under cabinets. As the name implies, under-cabinet lighting illuminates areas underneath your cabinetry. …
  2. Along toe kicks. …
  3. Under shelves. …
  4. Under the bed. …
  5. Behind computer and TV screens.

How do you put lights above kitchen cabinets?

For a nice, warm glow, just use two strands of LED battery-powered lights on top of the kitchen cabinets. LEDs are inexpensive and you can purchase them at any home and garden center. Just place one strand of LEDs along the wall and the other strand behind the crown molding.

What should be the placing of LED?

Once your coving is in place, a good tip for positioning your LED tape is to fix it as far from the back wall as you can, so as to avoid seeing visible light-dotting. (Try to fit your coving so the LEDs will sit at least 100mm down from the ceiling, and at least 50mm from the wall.)

Where do you put LED strip lights under cabinets?

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All the way for the rest of the area there now what i'm probably gonna do also afterwards is just use some kind of home kit button and attach it up underneath one of the cabinets hidden.

Do you put LED lights on the ceiling or wall?

We recommend having the lights go up your wall, but if you prefer to start the line of lights from the top of your wall, you will need LED strip clips to help hold up the power supply against the wall.

How do you install LED lights in a display cabinet?

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I didn't show here that I did actually end up using was just a drill. And I use that drill just to put a hole in the back of the cabinet to pass the power wire through.

How do you put lights under kitchen cabinets?

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If you're going to recess the lights like in the top of cabinets drill the holes run the wiring and secure with screws. Next attach the lights twist. And lock secure. The power control.

Does Under cabinet lighting add value?

2. Under-cabinet lighting. Under-cabinet lighting is as simple as it sounds: A strip of lighting that runs underneath your cabinets. But the benefits can significantly boost the value of your home, says Torres, who likes to include this feature in the kitchen.

How do you light inside a cabinet?

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Use the step bit to drill a 3/8 inch hole where the power supply they will enter the cabinet box the hole will likely be at one of the front corners of the cabinet.

Are LED strip lights good for under kitchen cabinets?

Installing above-cabinet and under-cabinet LED strip lighting is the perfect way to create usable task lighting or add color to your kitchen. Single-color as well as color-changing RGB, RGBW, and tunable white LED strip lights are available in waterproof, weatherproof, and indoor versions to suit any need.

How do you hardwire LED under cabinets?

Then, follow these steps for installation:

  1. Disconnect the power. Locate the correct breaker and turn off the power supply to the switch outlet where you’re going to connect the lights.
  2. Attach the lights. …
  3. Cut the wall. …
  4. Run the wire. …
  5. Run the cord. …
  6. Connect the lights. …
  7. Wire the switch. …
  8. Cover your work.

How do you hide under cabinet lighting?

Another option is called the recessed floor option. This is done by raising the floor or bottom of the cabinet upwards, so the cabinet door hangs past the bottom floor of the cabinet. This remaining area or void is perfect to conceal puck or LED strip under cabinet lighting when the cabinet door is closed.

How can I hide the wires behind my kitchen cabinets?

One way to do this is by bundling the wiring carefully and compactly into a bundle and then using tie wraps to hold it in place. You can then stick it the underside of the cabinet using staples (being careful of course not to pierce the wiring and ruining all your hard work).

How far should recessed lights be from upper cabinets?

Place your recessed downlights 12″ apart from each other and 12″ to 18″ away from any cabinets to illuminate counter areas. Please note that these are basic kitchen lighting ideas; the exact placement of lights will depend on your unique room space.

How do you hide the cords on LED lights?

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You use three-quarter inch or larger double-sided foam tape you're going to need to trim it off if you use a half-inch. It should fit right on there. And you won't need to do any trimming.

Where do I mount my LED driver?

LED drivers need to be mounted in a ventilated space. Access to the driver needs to be provided for general maintenance purposes.

Do LED strip lights need to be hidden?

However, LED strips create a mess in the room and affect tidiness, if proper care is not taken while it’s mounting. Hiding the LED light strip is necessary to get the best ambience effect and tidiness.

How do you hide LED strip lights on a shelf?

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More room for the front facing piece on the shelves. I then cut the aluminum rails to length and drilled a hole for the wire to reach the light strip. Although the light strips are self-adhesive.

How do you attach LED strips to shelves?

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It's good idea just use some painters tape stick it up make sure it looks good once it's wired before you peel that off because you know there's no going back once use it up.

How do you install LED strip lights on a shelf?

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So you want to make sure when you're doing it you're lifting. And moving with. It. Alright so i plugged it up just to make sure it looks good there's gonna be stuff on this shelf.