What is AC blower relay?

The blower motor relay is the electrical switch that is used to supply the power for the vehicle’s blower motor. The blower motor is the component responsible for pushing air through the vents of your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning systems.

How do I test my AC blower relay?

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Quote from Youtube video: Set your meter to the lowest resistance level. And you should read approximately 70 80 ohms of resistance. We're showing 79 it's good now between the other side five and six should show closed two.

What relay controls the blower motor?

In a blower motor, the relay supplies the power that allows the fans to circulate warmed air. Essentially an on/off switch, the blower motor relay’s reactions start and end the heating process in HVAC systems by controlling the flow of current between the power source and the motor.

How much is a blower motor relay?

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Blower Motor Relay Replacement pricing for various cars.

Cars 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe
Parts Cost $30.69
Labor Cost $132.98
Savings 9%
Average Dealer Price $181.19

Where is the blower motor relay fuse located?

Under the instrument panel, look under the glove box. On the right side of the fender wall you will find another fuse box. The blower motor fuse is easy to replace.

Where is the blower motor fuse and relay?

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Quote from Youtube video: So to begin we're going to head under the hood. This is where we will find the blower motor relay. And two of the blower motor fuses.

How do you know if a fan relay is stuck?

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Quote from Youtube video: If you want to you can do a resistance check of the coil.

Is there a fuse for the AC blower motor?

Fuse Protection

To protect the blower motor power circuit, a 20-, 25- or 30-amp fuse is usually located in the fuse panel under the dash.

How do you bypass a blower motor relay?

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Quote from Youtube video: The easy way to do this would be to simply bypass the dead relay on the board and wire the blower motor directly.

How much should it cost to replace a blower motor?

Replacing a blower motor costs $450 on average with a typical range of $250 to $800. With a warranty, you might pay as little as $150 for labor alone. For high-end models, like those with large motors or access issues, you might pay as much as $2,000.

What is fan relay?

A cooling fan relay is used on vehicles that have an electrical fan to cool the engine. The function of the cooling fan relay is to convert a low voltage signal from either the electronic control module (ECM) or a thermostatically controlled sensor.

How do you test a blower motor resistor?

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Quote from Youtube video: Make sure you have continuity. So we're going to check between this terminal and the terminal across the connector. Go ahead and show the meter.

Will a blower motor work without the resistor?

No air comes out of the vents

There are instances where a bad resistor will prevent the current from reaching the blower motor altogether. Without any power, the motor won’t run. As a result, the blower fan stays still and silent, and no air blows out of the vents.

What causes blower motor resistor failure?

In most cases, a blower motor resistor fails due to corrosion or overheating. Sometimes, the mechanical resistance to the motor rotation causes an excessive electric current that can overheat and prematurely damage the blower motor resistor.

Is it the blower motor or resistor?

A common symptom of a faulty blower motor resistor is a blower motor that is stuck on one setting. The blower motor resistor is the component directly responsible for controlling the blower motor fan speed. If the resistor shorts or fails, it may cause the blower motor to remain stuck on one fan speed.

What are the signs of a bad blower motor?

What Are Signs Your Blower Motor Needs to Be Replaced?

  • Poor or Airflow from Air Vents. This will be the first and most obvious sign your blower motor has a problem. …
  • No Airflow At All From Vents. …
  • Skyrocketing Energy Bills. …
  • Strange Noises When You Turn on the Heat. …
  • Overheating Blower / Weird Smells.

How do I know if my blower motor switch is bad?

  1. Switch only works on certain settings. One of the first symptoms commonly associated with a bad or failing blower motor switch is a switch that only works on certain settings. …
  2. Switch is stuck. Another symptom of a bad or failing blower motor switch is a switch that is stuck, or frequently gets stuck. …
  3. Broken knob.
  4. Where is the blower fan resistor located?

    The blower motor resistor is usually extremely easy to access, but the hard part can be positioning your body inside the car to remove the part. The resistor is at the bottom of the HVAC housing or just behind the glove compartment.

    Why is my blower fan not working?

    If you see or hear the fan turn on, your blower motor is not the culprit. If the fan does not start, you have a wiring issue (circuit breaker trips) or motor problem (circuit breaker does not trip). While your thermostat may be at fault, only an HVAC technician can diagnose and remedy the issue correctly.

    How much does it cost to replace a blower resistor?

    The average cost for blower motor resistor replacement is between $109 and $140. Labor costs are estimated between $44 and $55 while parts are priced between $65 and $84. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific vehicle or unique location. Related repairs may also be needed.