How do you dismantle a fire surround?

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Quote from Youtube video: Find out where your nails or screws are and what you need to do. Then simply use a little bit of force. And pull it off the wall.

Can I remove a fireback?

Removing the Fireback

The fireback will usually be made of cast concrete and will be comprised of two parts. You may simply be able to lever the fireback out, lifting the top half out first and then the bottom half. However, in some cases you may need to break it up in situ and remove it piece by piece.

How do you remove a fireplace insert surround?

To start removing one of these fireplace surrounds, you will have to chip away the plaster around the edge of the mantelpiece. This should reveal the lugs holding it to the wall. You can then go about removing the screws, which should start to release the surround from the wall.

How do you remove a cast iron fire surround?

Unfasten the vent line going up into the chimney using your screw gun to free it from the top of the cast iron insert. Put on gloves and ask your assistant to put on gloves as well. Lift and pull the cast iron fireplace insert out of the firebox, resting it on the cardboard covering the hearth to complete the removal.

How do you remove a fireplace grate?

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Quote from Youtube video: Once i removed enough hole bricks for my other project i used my hammer to break up the remaining bricks on the surface of the hearth. After i had the top to the bottom layer removed.

How do you remove a metal fireplace insert?

Step One: Make sure the fire is completely out and there is no heat remaining in the fireplace. Step Two: Remove the screen from the front of the fireplace. Step Three: Locate the screws that hold the insert in place and remove them. Step Four: Carefully pull on the insert to remove it from the fireplace.

Can you remove a fireplace insert?

Since the wood-burning insert is only attached with caulking and bolts, you should be able to remove these and pull out the insert on your own. The moment you get into removing additional pieces, such as the chimney liner or the firebox, it’s best to call in a professional.

How do you remove a built in fireplace?

  1. Inspect the facing around the fireplace to determine your course of action in removing the surrounding structure.
  2. Pulverize existing tile with a hammer. Chip away the pieces to remove the tile from the wall. …
  3. Unscrew the metal pipe or flue from the top opening of the fireplace.
  4. Return to the interior of the home.
  5. How do you replace a fireplace insert?

    Here are the steps to replace your fireplace insert:

    1. Turn off the electricity and gas.
    2. Take off the insert’s doors.
    3. Take off the trim.
    4. Disconnect any hookups.
    5. Slide the insert from its position.
    6. Prepare the new insert.
    7. Connect the power source and vents.
    8. Add embers and logs.

    Can you remove a gas fireplace insert?

    With all of the connections holding a gas fireplace in place and the gas and/or electrical supplies disconnected, a gas fireplace can be removed. Gas fireplaces will typically come out as one unit, but for natural vent models that have an open front it may be best to remove any loose objects first.

    How do you remove a fireplace firebox?

    Remove or cut the fastenings that hold the firebox in place if possible. If you are able to easily remove the fastenings, you should be able to pull the firebox directly out in one piece. Continue making cuts by cutting horizontally across the firebox just below the damper and again a few inches from the floor.