Why does my dimmer switch make a buzzing sound?

Dimmer switches do make a slight buzzing sound due to the interruptions to the electromagnetic field that naturally exists around a live wire. A buzzing sound from the switch is usually not dangerous, unless accompanied by a hot switch or a crackling noise.

Why is there a buzzing sound when I turn on my light switch?

When a switch begins to buzz audibly, it means that the current between the metal wire contacts inside the switch is arcing—jumping the gap between metal parts rather than flowing continuously through metal pathways.

How do I stop my dimmer lights from buzzing?


  1. Turn off Switch and Remove Bulb. Turn off the power to the light fixture at the switch. …
  2. Change Bulb for Lower Wattage Bulb. …
  3. Change Bulb for Rough Service Bulb. …
  4. Shut Down Power at Circuit Breaker. …
  5. Access Dimmer Switch. …
  6. Replace Dimmer Switch.

Why are my LED lights making a buzzing noise?

LEDs lack a filament or firing arc so there are no “moving parts” to cause humming. Unfortunately, LEDs still suffer from electromagnetic (EM) hum caused by incorrect dimming or EM interference by other devices.

Why is my light making a buzzing noise?

Buzzing can be caused by electrical shorts or loose fixtures. While you can fix loose fixtures yourself, electrical shorts should only be repaired by professionals. However, the most common reason your lights are buzzing is the voltage being applied to the bulb.

How do you fix a buzzing electrical outlet?

When you plug something into an outlet, contact blades within the outlet hold the plug in place. If these blades become loose or damaged, they don’t maintain proper contact with the plug, which can cause buzzing. The simplest way to fix this problem is to have an electrician replace the electrical outlet.

Do LED dimmable bulbs buzz?

If you use both a dimmable LED lamp and a matching LED dimmer, some dimmer/lamp combinations may still produce a humming sound. The noise will occur either only when dimmed or partially at full brightness.

Why do LED lights hum with dimmer switch?

Almost every time the reason for LEDs humming when used with a dimmer switch is when the bulb’s power supply, aka driver, is incompatible with a dimmer system. It is actually the solid-state driver making the buzzing noise, and not the lighting emitting diode itself.

Why is my light buzzing and flickering?

Dimmer switches work by rapidly switching the electricity circuit to the bulb on and off which reduces the overall amount of energy flowing through the circuit and to the bulb. This is why the voltage sometimes has gaps in it which causes buzzing (and flickering).

Can flickering the lights cause a fire?

Yes, flickering lights can be a warning sign that there is a fire hazard in your home. When lights flicker all over the house and are not associated with a large or major appliance, such as an air conditioner, turning on it could mean that there is an issue with the wiring, which could cause a fire.

How do I stop my dimmable LED lights from flickering?

Summary – How to stop LEDs flickering

  1. Always drive LED products using an LED power supply that’s designed for the job. …
  2. Make sure all your LED products are compatible with the control circuits and power supply you’re using.
  3. Check for loose wiring and other faulty connections. …
  4. Consider using a constant-current LED driver.