What does the British slang word knob mean?

a person of wealth or social importance

nob 2. [ nob ] SHOW IPA. / nɒb / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun Chiefly British Slang. a person of wealth or social importance.

Can knob and tube be grounded?

You cannot and should not install grounded electrical outlets on circuits where no ground path is actually present (such as knob and tube wiring). To provide a grounded outlet where no ground is present is dangerous.

What does dirty knob mean?

Definitions include: to swallow a man’s ejaculate during oral sex. bob some knob.

Why is it called knob and tube?

Knob and tube wiring gets its name from the white ceramic “knobs” and black “tubes” that encase the copper wiring carrying electricity as it winds through the house.

Is it nob or knob?

The word knob is derived from the old Scandinavian or German word, knobe. Nob is primarily a British English word that means the head of something, someone who belongs to the aristocratic class, one’s superior. Nob is generally considered an insult.

What is a nob in Australia?

*Nob A double headed penny (‘two-up’). General Australian. From 1903 (AND). This derives from British slang ‘nob’ meaning ‘head’.

Where did the term nob come from?

It was in use as early as 1676, and might be an abbreviation of ‘noble’ or ‘nobleman’, or it might come from ‘nab’ meaning the head, a hat, or a coxcomb. wiktionary suggests it might come from ‘white-nob’ (“white-head”), a term for the white, powdered wigs worn by middle class people in the 1700s.

Is nob a word?

NOB is a valid scrabble word.