Yes, you can do this but be sure that it’s ok to use this particular tape on a HOT water line. Some are designed for this and others can be damaged by being wrapped around too hot a pipe.

How long does heat tape last on pipes?

On average, if the type of heating tape is well-suited to pipe make, they can last for three years. It’s far more common that heating tapes tap out at two years, which is why it’s so essential they be regularly checked on.

Can you wrap heat tape around a pipe?

Do not install heat tape over leaking pipes. Not only will a slow leak damage insulation, but it may also short out the heat tape.

Does heat tape fail?

Failures in heat trace built to protect piping systems are an ever-present risk. Heat trace and insulation have been used in factories, plants, and other processes for decades.

Can pipes still freeze with heat tape?

No method to keep pipes warm is foolproof, but heat tape does well to prevent freezing and bursting pipes. As the temperature drops, the heat tape will warm to stop the water in the pipes from freezing.

How reliable is heat tape?

But according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), heat tapes are the cause of approximately 2,000 fires, 10 deaths and 100 injuries every year. Some figures for deaths and injuries are higher and include estimates of property damage exceeding $25 million a year.

Can heat tape start a fire?

Sadly, heat tape has the potential to cause fires in homes and businesses. Many of these products consist only of non-regulating tape which plugs into a wall outlet. If the heat tape remains activated for long periods of time – especially if temperatures rise and/or the tape is well-insulated – it can spark a fire.

What if heat tape is too long?

Usually you can wrap the tape around the pipe as you install it. You can then add or subtract wraps to adjust the length and make it come out where you want. This works well for just a short amount of slack. For longer amounts of slack, most heat tape has a bump on the outside of the cable every 18″ or so.

Can heat tape be submerged in water?

Available with housing styles that are resistant to water and many chemicals, and suitable for outdoor use. Some styles are resistant to moisture or suitable for use on electrically conductive surfaces, but they must not be submerged, and are generally intended for indoor applications.

How hot does pipe heat tape get?

A: The cable only gets to between 70 & 100° F when it is operating. Depending on where it is located, inside or outside. This is about the same or lower then your body temperature. So no heat will be felt.

Which is better heat tape or heat cable?

Heat trace cable is somewhat stiff, but it’s pliable enough to wrap it around your pipes, and it does not shrink; Heating tape is extremely flexible, therefore it’s better for tight contours and oddly shaped pipes.

Does heat tape use a lot of electricity?

Typical heat tape burns electricity at six to nine watts per foot per hour. That means each 100 feet of heat tape operating 24/7 can translate to an added monthly cost of $41 to $62 to operate heat tape, says Eileen Wysocki, energy auditor for Holy Cross Energy.

How do you know if heat tape is working?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: And see that the snow is melted around where you know the tape is or two you've got to physically get up there and touch it feel the heat tape.

How long should heat tape last?

Replace Heat Tape Regularly

Speaking of replacing, heat tape only has a 3-year lifespan. Most heat tape manufacturers warn that you should replace your heat tapes every 3 years minimum. Heat tape has a near-constant connection with both water and electricity and usually isn’t protected well from the elements.

When should you turn off heat tape?

In warmer months when there is no snow on the roof, turn heat tape off at the breaker switch or unplug it. Do not rely on built-in thermostats to make sure heat tape is not operating. drains that run through the wall of a home or garage. Leave these sections on 24/7.

Should heat tape be warm to the touch?

If the Heat Cable Kit is installed correctly, the light in the plug will be on and the cable should be warm to the touch. You can also test the cable to know if it is working properly. Plug in the cable and wrap a bag of ice around the thermostat block and after 20 minutes, the cable should feel warm to the touch.

How long does it take heat tape to work?

Switch the power source back on to the heat tape. Feel along the length of the heat tape. It should be getting warm. If the heat tape fails to warm up, after 10 minutes, the thermostat or the heat tape itself is bad.

Can you wrap PVC pipe with heat tape?

Yes. Pipe Freeze PRO heat tape can be used on all varieties of pipes including PEX, ABS, PVC, Nylon, Steel, Copper and more.