You can do that, but there’s no particular reason to think that it will work correctly, since the neutral current does not know which breaker it should go back to.

Can 2 AFCI breakers share a neutral?

Can the AFCI with shared neutral be used for retrofit installations? Yes, for retrofit installation, GE AFCIs can be substituted for the existing thermal magnetic breakers without the need to sort out existing shared or mixed neutrals.

Can 2 different circuits share a neutral?

What is a multiwire branch circuit? A multiwire branch circuit is a branch circuit with a shared neutral. This means there are two or more ungrounded (hot) phase or system conductors with a voltage between them and a shared neutral.

Do arc-fault breakers come in tandem?

Product Description. Siemens introduces new Tandem Combination Type Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (CAFCI), expanding the capabilities of the CAFCI, designed to allow one breaker to feed two circuits – saving on both space in the load center and installation time, while keeping safety and compliance top of mind.

Can you split a AFCI outlet?

It can indeed use two single pole breakers as the disconnecting means, as long as the breakers are connected using identified handle ties or a master handle (NEC 2008 225.33(B)). However, this would not be an option when dealing with AFCI or GFCI breakers.

Do arc fault breakers require a dedicated Neutral?

To meet the latest version of the NEC, if AFCI protection is required on the shared neutral circuits being wired, you will be unable to use a 1-pole AFCI breaker, because it requires a dedicated conductor for the line and neutral.

Do AFCI breakers need to be grounded?

An AFCI does not need a ground for proper operation. There may be issues energizing these old wiring systems after the AFCI is installed as many older homes have shared neutrals with other circuits which would result in instant tripping as soon as a load is applied.

How many circuits can share the same neutral?

One neutral may not have two “hot” wires from the same phase. It is good practice to use four (4) pole Circuit breakers (as opposed to the standard three pole) where the fourth pole is the neutral phase, and is hence protected against over current on the neutral conductor.

Can you share neutrals per NEC?

Sharing neutral or yoke

The NEC does not define multiple circuits. However, relating to 210.7, it appears to mean more than one circuit, on separate phases and each with its own neutral. If the circuits were on the same phase, simultaneous disconnection in the panelboard would not be possible.

Can you share a neutral on single phase?

In the US NEC you have to have a common trip on all hot wires sharing a single neutral. The reason behind this is that if you turn off a breaker for 1 hot to work on a part of the circuit, the neutral could still be carrying current from the other hots, which you did not turn off.

What is a combination AFCI?

A Combination Type AFCI detects all three types of arcing: line-to-neutral, line-to-ground, and series arcing.” The most probable and convenient “means” to meet the AFCI Protection requirement for new construction dwelling units is through use of a Combination Type AFCI Breaker, 210.12(A)(1).

Will an AFCI breaker protect a non grounded circuit?

An AFCI receptacle will work without a ground wire attached. An AFCI receptacle will provide arc fault protection when installed in a 2-wire (hot and neutral) branch circuit where no grounding conductor is present.

Can you put a AFCI outlet on an AFCI circuit?

Yes, they both can be used on the same circuit; however, the Dual Function AFCI/GFCI Receptacle offers the option of providing both AFCI and GFCI protection in a single device.

How do you install a combination arc fault breaker?


  1. Purchase a AFCI or GFCI/AFCI Circuit Breaker. …
  2. Turn Off the Power and Remove the Panel Cover. …
  3. Remove and Disconnect the Old Circuit Breaker. …
  4. Connect the New Breaker. …
  5. Insert the New Breaker. …
  6. Turn On the Power.

How many arc fault breakers do I need?

So it all started with the bedrooms. However, with every consecutive update of the Code, AFCIs were required in more rooms and areas. Since the revision of the NEC in 2017, every 15 and 20-amp, 120-volt, single-phase branch circuit outlets for dwelling areas are required to have AFCI installed on them.

Can two GFCI share a neutral?

The only way to use two GFCI receptacles to provide GFCI protection to more than two total receptacles on a shared-neutral circuit is to stop sharing the neutral after the GFCIs – by using two seperate 12/2’s, or 12/2/2.

How do you wire a neutral shared circuit?

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Quote from Youtube video: Go out on the same phase. So say the black conductor is hooked up to a black phase and goes out to a plug and the red conductor is also hooked up to a black phase.

How do I find a shared neutral?

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Quote from Youtube video: They could be a switch an outlet or light fixture. Simply hold the back of the receiver. Against the wall plate. Until you identify the highest numerical reading on drew Seaver at that location.

Can I use regular breakers on a plug on neutral panel?

A plug-on-neutral breaker panel is also compatible with standard circuit breakers. So even if you don’t use special AFCI or GFCI breakers on all your circuits or want to reuse your old circuit breakers with pigtails, you’re free to do so.

Why do arc fault breakers have pigtails?

Historically, AFCI and GFCI breakers needed a pigtail wire to get neutral. Some installers found that messy. So some newest panels do a positioning trick with the neutral bus so the breaker can clip onto it also. This is called “Plug-on neutral”.

How do you install a pigtail arc fault breaker?

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Quote from Youtube video: So now that we have the wires identified and the old breaker removed we're going to go ahead and install the new afci breaker and for starters we're going to install this pigtail onto the neutral bar.

Can I pigtail neutral wires in panel?

Pigtails in a panel are fine

Wire-splicing and pigtailing within a loadcenter cabinet (panel enclosure) is expressly permitted by NEC 312.8(A), and is quite safe (provided the splices are made up properly, of course): (A) Splices, Taps, and Feed-Through Conductors.

Can you double up neutrals?

As long as both existing bars are connected by a link bar or other path you can use either side for neutrals. Grounds typically can be two and even three conductors to a hole, sized #14 or #12 and sometimes #10, and must be the same size. So if you need to make room you can double up on some grounds.

Can you put 2 neutral wires together in a breaker box?

Bottom Line. Many homes have neutral bars that have too many neutral wires in one hole or slot. Generally this does not create a problem for the homeowner, however, it is an easy fix and most home inspectors recommend correcting the issue.