Can you use a Nest thermostat with a swamp cooler?

Nest thermostat can generally work with an evaporative cooler. However, the process for setting it up requires some knowledge on how to work with wiring and electrical systems safely.

How do I connect my Nest to my swamp cooler?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: The Wemo switch we're gonna sit up now we'll turn off go do a select Wemo here click on turn off. And which switch we call it the swampy. Set that so now we have an applet for that.

Can you use a smart thermostat with a swamp cooler?

Yes, it is easy to control a swamp cooler with any thermostat.

Does swamp cooler work in 110 degrees?

Evaporative coolers are limited in that they can only lower the temperature a few degrees below the ambient temperature of the room. If it’s 110 degrees outside, you need to lower the temperature inside by more than a few degrees. In places where triple digit heat is the norm, refrigerated air is a better choice.

Does ecobee work with swamp cooler?

Evaporative cooler now working with the Ecobee 3 – Almost 100%! (HOWTO + Questions) I’d like to point everyone to Cabal95’s post further down in the comments, as he absolutely nailed the correct configuration. I’ve gone ahead and made the changes his post suggested, and everything works perfectly now.

How does Nest thermostat work?

How Does the Nest Thermostat Work? The Nest Thermostat is constantly adjusting, learning and adapting. Once you used your thermostat for a while, it learns how warm or cool you like your home at certain times of the day. Then it will set up a schedule that adjusts the temperature automatically to match your needs.

How does a swampy work?

A swamp cooler uses moisture to cool air. A swamp cooler (which is also called an evaporative air conditioner) works by taking warm outside air through wet evaporative cooler pads, effectively cooling the air.

Do swamp coolers work at 100 degrees?

Here’s the deal: your swamp cooler will only cool your home by about 10 degrees. In addition, it will struggle immensely, and likely will not work at all, when its humid outside. If you’re new to New Mexico and swamp coolers, you might be new to monsoon season, the time of year a swamp cooler is simply not an option.

At what temperature do swamp coolers become ineffective?

A wet bulb temperature above 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) means the swamp cooler won’t be able to adjust the temperature enough to keep it in the comfort zone.

How do I make my swamp cooler colder?

10 Tips to Make Your Swamp Cooler Colder and More Efficient

  1. Use Your Swamp Cooler in a Dry Climate. …
  2. Use Your Swamp Cooler Seasonally. …
  3. Open the Windows. …
  4. Run a Dehumidifier. …
  5. Cultivate a Green Thumb. …
  6. Experiment With Positioning. …
  7. Prime the Pads First. …
  8. Use Cold Water.

What smart thermostat works with high voltage?

The Sinope Smart Thermostat (TH1123ZB) is one of the best high voltage thermostats on the market, and it works on 240 Volts. The thermostat comes with great compatibility, and it works well with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and Hubitat.

Does Nest thermostat work with variable speed?

Nest Learning Thermostats are compatible with system fans that have one, two, or three speeds. The Nest Thermostat and Nest Thermostat E are only compatible with single speed system fans. Variable speed fans are compatible with Nest thermostats, but the fans will only operate at a single speed.

What is a communicating thermostat?

Communicating Thermostats

This means that when installed, the thermostat is like a Bluetooth pairing to the HVAC system. Once paired, the HVAC system and thermostat can directly communicate with each other to maintain an optimal level of comfort control.

Is the nest a communicating thermostat?

Do Nest, Ecobee and Lyric thermostats work with communicating systems? Yes, but only if the system is wired to function as a non-communicating system. There are no third-party thermostats that work with communicating HVAC systems.

Will Nest thermostat work with ComfortNet?

The ComfortNet is a two-way communication system. Nest thermostats don’t work this way.

What is a non-communicating AC?

First off, non-communicating HVAC systems are used with either single-stage or two-stage heating and cooling units like gas furnaces, central air conditioning units, heat pumps, and air handlers. Here, all the circuitry is simple and operates with the switching principle.

What is a legacy thermostat?

Designed to work with your central air conditioning system, this Legacy Programmable Thermostat keeps your family comfortable. And since it’s so simple to program schedules for both the work week and weekend, saving money on your energy bills will be easy, too.

Does Honeywell make a communicating thermostat?

TC500A-N Thermostat is an advanced, configurable, connected device for commercial buildings. It controls and monitors RTU, AHU, Heat Pump equipment, and their configurations.