The wiring feeding the subpanel must match or exceed the rated circuit breaker size, not the calculated load of the subpanel. That means that if the breaker is rated for 50 amps, the feeder cable wiring should be rated for 50 amps or more.

Can you feed a subpanel with a smaller breaker?

This must be fed by a 125A or smaller breaker in the main panel. Panel rating is the limiting factor. If the main panel’s MAIN breaker is of a size that will adequately protect the feeder wires and the subpanel, then no breaker is needed.

Can a sub panel have more amps than a main panel?

You are fine. The 200 amp breaker in the main panel will protect the wires leading to the sub. The main breaker in the sub is not strictly necessary, except as a local shutoff. You could as easily use a sub designed with no main, feeding directly to the bus bars.

Can you feed a 100 amp sub panel with a 50 amp breaker?

Just wire it up. There is no problem using a sub panel that can take more current than you will ever feed it. Points to note: The cable to your hot tub will be rated for 50A (not 100A); therefore you must not upgrade the breaker in your main panel to 100A.

What size breaker Do I need to feed a subpanel?

Based on your question, since you will be having a subpanel, you want the breaker feeding the subpanel to be sized for the subpanel or slightly smaller. So if you purchase and install a 200A subpanel, then the breaker should be 200A. If you use a 125A subpanel, then use a 125A breaker.

Can you feed a 100 amp sub panel with a 60 amp breaker?

You can feed a 100 Amp panel with a 60 Amp breaker. Keep in mind that the sub panel needs to be rated above the breaker size.

Can I feed a 200 amp sub panel with a 100 amp breaker?

Yes. There is no real NEC provision that would prohibit this so it’s allowed. The 200 amp CB is simply being used as a disconnect if the feeder is protected by a 100 amp OCPD at it’s origin.

Does a 60 amp sub panel need a main breaker?

Your subpanel does not need a main breaker if it’s in the same building. If it is in an outbuilding, you need a disconnect switch, and the breaker will suffice but its size doen’t matter.

Can I feed a subpanel from a 100 amp panel?

You can feed that from any breaker <=225A, including 150A, 100A, 60A, 30A and even 15A.

What size breaker do I need for a 60 amp subpanel?

You have to use a #4 conductor to feed a 60 amp circuit.

What size breaker Do I need to feed a 100 amp sub panel?

20/24 panels can hold 16 full-sized and 4 twin breakers (24 circuits in total). The number of breakers can max out to 30-42, too, depending on the design of your 100-amp pane. However, NEC prohibits more than 42 circuits, so you can only choose between 20-42 breakers for a 100-amp panel.

What gauge wire do I need for a 100 amp sub panel?

Wire Size For 100 Amp Sub Panel 150 Feet Away

100 amp service 150 feet away from the sub panel requires #00 AWG wire (also known as 2/0 AWG wire). This wire has a median ampacity of 175 amps; more than enough than the required minimum 162.5 ampacity. We hope all of this helps.

What size breaker Do I need to feed a 125 amp sub panel?

If it’s a 125 amp panel, then you can use a 100A breaker on the main panel to feed the breaker. The new sub panel must always have the same ampacity rating as the panel that is feeding it.

How do you feed a subpanel from the main panel?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: Goes into the panel. And on to the ground burn. Everything is connected ready to heat this up at the main panel we've completed the other panel. We've completed this panel.

What size main breaker do I need?

How do I size a breaker? Generally, you should size a breaker for 125% of the load (or 25% extra capacity) and no less. Oversized breakers can allow wires to heat above safety levels without stopping the current. On the other hand, undersized breakers may continuously trip under normal operation.

What wire do you use for a 200 amp service?

The Short Answer: For a 200 amp service, you’ll need a #4/0 aluminum wire.

Can you run a 200 amp sub panel off 200 amp main?

Is feeding a 200A sub from a 200A main legit? Yes, and you don’t even need another 200A breaker. The 200A breaker alread present in the panel will suffice, and so you can use a subfeed lug kit as DrSparks advises.

How many ground rods do I need for a 200 amp service?

Grounding Wire

Ground wires for residences typically are made of copper and are #6 (6 AWG) or larger. for 200 Amp services, a #4 grounding electrode conductor (ground wire) is required.