Do fans have timers?

Basic extractor fan models usually don’t have timers. They are often connected to the bathroom lights – when you turn the lights on, the fan operates. When you turn them off, the fan stops. An extractor fan with timer module is different.

Do bathroom fans have timers?

A timer switch allows the user to choose a preset time, and when that time elapses, the bathroom fan will automatically turn off. These switches are great to use for bathroom fans because you want to operate the bath fan for at least 15min to 30min after you take a shower to remove all of the moisture.

Why do fans carry timers?

Fan timers operate the extractor fan in increments based on how long you have been in the room. If you take a long shower there will be more steam…the timer keeps the fan on for longer. Take a quick 5 minute shower and the timer remains on for a shorter period.

Where are electrical timers used?

Due to their strength and simplicity, mechanical, spring-wound timers are often used for lights, ceiling fans, appliances, bathroom heat lamps, saunas, hot tubs, and pools.

What is a timer on a fan?

Timer Settings and Operation

A delay timer setting allows you to specify how long the fan will stay on after turning the light off, while a separate timer setting will make sure the fan operates a certain number of minutes each hour. It comes in both toggle and decora switch formats.

What is run on timer?

Run-on-timers are designed to permit the supply of electricity to motors or lights, so that they can continue to operate for a predetermined time. They are designed to be mounted within equipment or enclosures.

What are the three major types of timers?


  • Mechanical. Mechanical timers use clockwork to measure time. …
  • Electromechanical. Short-period bimetallic electromechanical timers use a thermal mechanism, with a metal finger made of strips of two metals with different rates of thermal expansion sandwiched together; steel and bronze are common. …
  • Electronic.

What is the need of timer?

A timer is a kind of clock that is specialized for measuring specific intervals of time. Every device needs to keep count of time. That is why most of the electronic devices got a timer in them.