Some kind of blockage in the pipes or the vent will cause a gurgling sound, said Dave Soltwisch, of Dave Soltwisch Plumbing in Hinsdale. “The drains are asking for some air,” he said. A plumber will probably need to rod out the pipes that are clogged or you may want to rent the equipment and do it yourself.

Why are my pipes making gurgling noise?

A loud gurgling noise is usually indicative of a clogged drain line. There are plenty of reasons this can happen, and the number of drain lines that hear this gurgling noise should give you an idea of where the clog is located.

Why is my furnace exhaust gurgling?

Furnace Makes a Gurgling, Dripping, or Splashing Noise

The high-efficiency furnaces vent exhaust fumes may produce condensation from moisture in the air that must be drained. When there’s an issue in draining this condensation, it may cause gurgling, dripping, or other watery sounds.

Why is my hot water cylinder gurgling?

Why Does My Hot Water Heater Gurgle? Rust, sediment, and mineral buildup in the tank are typically the cause of hot water heater gurgling noises. This is common in older water heaters, as they are more prone to rust and buildup.

What is a gurgling noise?

To gurgle is to make a sound like bubbling or splashing water. Not to be confusing, but when you gargle mouthwash, you probably gurgle. People gurgle when they say something (or make a noise) with an accompanying wet, gurgling sound. Your stomach might gurgle too, especially when you’re hungry.

What does a bad furnace sound like?

A dull hum is normal while your furnace is running. But if you hear a loud humming or buzzing sound coming from your furnace, it usually means your furnace has an electrical problem. The most common electrical issues that cause a humming or buzzing sound include: A failing blower motor capacitor.

Can a furnace explode?

The short answer is yes, it is possible for your furnace to explode. But it is highly unlikely especially with the build of modern furnaces, which include high safety standards to decrease the risk of an explosion.

How do I know if my furnace is going to explode?

There is rumbling, high-pitched, grinding furnace noise

These include high pitched, grinding, rumbling, popping, squealing, or banging. This could result from minor issues like loose components within the system or more severe problems. Either way, you should call a professional to look into the issue.

When should I worry about my furnace noise?

In most cases, it is wise to call a service technician. A pinging or popping sound is most likely coming from one of the ducts and is not really something to worry about. If you hear an odd vibrating noise or whining, it may indicate a problem with your furnace and a technician really needs to check it out.