How do I find the manufacturer of my door?

Look for the Label

Sometimes, manufacturers will also print their name on the top or bottom of the door (the part that’s parallel with the floor and ceiling). If you have sliding glass doors, the label could be a stamped logo rather than a sticker somewhere near the top or bottom of the frame.

How do I know what kind of door I have?

An easy way to do this is to simply open the door. Stand in the doorframe with your back along the hinges. If the hand by the doorknob is your right, it’s a right-handed door. If it’s by your left, you have a left-handed door.

Where is the model number on a patio door?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: On the jamb or frame of the door open the door and locate the serial number label located above or below the keeper.

How can I tell who manufactured my windows?

Finding the Manufacturer’s Name On Your Window

The easiest way to immediately identify a window is by locating the name of the manufacturer itself on the product. Some companies, like Acorn, Caradco and Hurd, stamp their name on the window hardware—this would generally be on the handles, sash locks or other hardware.

Where is the serial number on a window?

On double hung windows, this will be located on the inside of the top frame. Other styles of windows may have the number on a label affixed to the sash.

What is AAMA window certification?

An AAMA certification requires stringent performance tests conducted by an independent and accredited AAMA lab. The AAMA Certification Program assures customers that the windows they selected match the quality of the product sample that was tested (as long as it is properly installed).

Which one is the serial number?

The serial number is a unique sequence of numbers and/or letters which is used to identify your product. Your product serial number can be found in one of the following places: On the back of the machine.

What is this serial number?

Sometimes abbreviated as Serial No., SN, S/N, or SNID, a serial number is a unique number used for identification and inventory purposes. A serial number allows a company to identify a product and get additional information about it for replacement or to find compatible parts.

Where is the model number on a storm door?

Every storm & screen door has a factory-applied silver tag on the hinge of the door, which contains the door’s unique serial number. The serial number tag should be visible when the storm or screen door is in the open position.

Where is the serial number on a Pella door?

Label may be found on the inside edge of the door, between the hinges. To help save you time if your product ever needs service or repair, Pella includes a special identification number on every window and door we make. The serial number can be printed on a clear or silver label or etched into the glass.

How do I know if I have an Andersen storm door?

Storm Door Serial Number Label: Andersen® storm doors have a factory-applied label that is visible when the storm door is open (see image). This label contains your storm door Serial Number, which can be entered into the Storm Door Serial Number Lookup to find information on your storm door.

How do I read a Pella serial number?

The label has a string of numbers and letters which identifies the Brand, Product, and Product attributes. This string could be 50+ digits long. For Pella product(s) purchased prior to 1997, look for a stamp on the sill with a product identity and date.

Where is Pella model number?

Top of Door: Label may be on the edge of the door near the top hinge. Bottom of Door: Label may be on the lower left or right corner of the sidelight glass or the exterior sill of the door.

How do I identify my patio door manufacturer?

The manufacturer’s name is usually stamped on the hardware or etched in a corner of the glass.