How do I know what toilet cistern I have?

Carefully remove the toilet tank lid and set it gently on the floor, with the bottom facing up. Look for the manufacturer name or a number on the bottom side of the water tank lid.

What is the toilet flush button called?

Handle. The toilet handle is the lever located on the toilet tank that is used to flush the toilet. In some cases, the handle is not a lever but a large button on the top of the toilet lid.

What size is my toilet flush valve?


Look at the flush valve drain opening at the bottom of your tank. If the opening looks about the size of a baseball or orange, you need a 2″ flapper. If the opening looks about the size of a softball or grapefruit, you need a 3″ flapper.

What is the difference between a flush valve and a fill valve?

There are really only two main toilet tank parts: The toilet flush valve, which lets water gush into the bowl during the flush, and the fill valve, which lets water refill the tank after the flush. When a toilet runs constantly or intermittently, one of these valves is usually at fault.

What are the different types of toilet flushing systems?

Types of Toilet Flushing Systems

  • Gravity Flush. Traditional flush systems are powered by gravity, using the weight of the water itself to create flushing pressure. …
  • Pressure-Assisted. …
  • Dual Flush. …
  • Double Cyclone/Tornado Flush. …
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Are toilet fill valves universal?

There are several different types of fill valves commonly found in toilets, and you will need to be able to identify your type in order to make adjustments or replacements to yours. Some types of fill valves use older technologies and are best replaced with a newer type when repairs are called for.

Are toilet flush buttons Universal?

There’s an option to use a single flush or dual flush toilet button, depending on the model of your flushing valve or cistern. Water saving is now at the forefront of many people’s minds for environmental factors as well as saving money on water bills.

Why are there 2 flush buttons?

The toilet has two buttons on the cistern rather than the single-flush one; one button delivers a lesser amount of water (eg. 3 litres) and the other a greater amount (eg. 6 litres). It also uses a larger 10 cm trapway in the bowl, allowing for water to come out faster and clear the bowl efficiently.

What are the two flush buttons on toilet?

IT IS FOR WATER CONSERVATION: The larger lever is to flush out around 6 to 9 liters of water, whereas the smaller lever is to flush out around 3 to 4.5 liters of water. Clearly, the larger one is to flush solid waste and the smaller one is to flush liquid waste.

How do you measure a toilet flush button?

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Quote from Youtube video: And that measurement is actually what fits down in the hole on your either your toilet lid or the side of your tank. For ratchet type buttons. And you want to measure your hole.

How do I know if my toilet uses a 2 inch or 3 inch flush valve?

An easy reference is to look at the size of the flush valve drain opening in the bottom of the tank. If it’s about the size of an orange or baseball, you need a 2 inch seal. If it looks more like the size of a grapefruit or softball, you need a jumbo 3 inch seal.

Can you change a toilet flush mechanism?

Although it’s more difficult than most toilet repairs, the average handy homeowner can manage a toilet flush valve replacement. This project involves shutting off the water and disconnecting the fill valve, then removing the toilet tank from the bowl in order to remove and replace the flush valve.

What is a vortex flush?

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Quote from Youtube video: Technology 100% of the water is ejected through two water openings. Creating a vortex flush that cleans the bowl completely traditional toilets have many small rim holes causing stains.

What is a TORNADO FLUSH toilet?

TORNADO FLUSH propels water from two or three jets into the toilet bowl, creating a powerful whirlpool that cleans every inch. The circular motion makes this innovative flush spray-free, preventing germs and bacteria from spreading throughout the bathroom or onto the toilet seat.

What is the difference between gravity flush and pressure flush?

Gravity flow toilets rely on water and the earth’s gravitational pull to empty the toilet bowl. A pressure-assisted toilet uses a secondary tank, located in its main toilet tank to create additional air pressure to aid toilet flushing while maintaining more water in the toilet bowl.

Which is better flush valve or gravity feed?

When you flush the toilet, the water tank releases water into the bowl, which is sucked by the pressurized air. This force is greater compared to the one provided by gravity. This means you can get rid of more waste in one flushing.

Can I convert pressure assist toilet to gravity?

A gravity-fed toilet is made with components that will not work with a pressure-assisted toilet, and vice versa, so one cannot be converted into the other. Gravity-fed toilets are more common in homes, while pressure-assisted toilets are often found in commercial settings.

Can I replace Flushmate with standard?

This Sloan Flushmate M-102540-F3A is the replacement tank for American-Standard 2045.013 one-piece toilets. This kit includes everything you need to easily replace your Flushmate system.

Does Flushmate work with any toilet?

A toilet equipped with FLUSHMATE® must be specifically designed to accommodate the effectiveness of FLUSHMATE®. FLUSHMATE® is NOT a retrofit product. The FLUSHMATE® system traps air and as it fills with water, it uses the water supply line pressure to compress the trapped air inside.

Can a standard toilet be converted to a power flush?

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Quote from Youtube video: So what i want to do is i want to keep this toilet but convert the insides to a modern dual flush that sounds great all right. Now to save water we could just change out this whole toilet to a modern