How do you stagger cedar shakes?

Stagger a shake downward a maximum of 6 inches. Shakes can be staggered upward as far as the line of the nails in the first row. Use a pair of nails at each shake as before.

How do I start my cedar shingles course first?

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Quote from Youtube video: And then gently push it against it with a little bit of an air gap. Don't force it tight you want to have a little bit of a gap there. All.

When using wood shingles they should be spaced how far apart?

As a general rule for shingles equilibrated to ambient conditions (about 12% moisture content), shingles should be installed about 1/8 to 1/4 in. (3 to 6 mm) apart whereas shakes should be spaced about 3/8 in. (9.52 mm) apart and not more than 1/2 in.

How do you peak a cedar shake roof?

Lay down a layer of shingles with a second layer over the top until the shingles meet at a single, straight peak. Cover all of the nail heads with roofing cement. Cover the length of the cedar shingle roof peak that the new layers of shingles have made. This creates a waterproof seal over this rough roof peak.

How much do you overlap cedar shingles?

from each edge of the cedar shingle and 4 cm (1 1/2 in.) above the exposure. To avoid buckling, allow 3 to 6 mm (1/8 to 1/4 in.) space between each shingle for expansion (depending on degree of humidity).

How do you side a cedar shake?

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Quote from Youtube video: So let's get started and a big thank you to valspar for sponsoring this. Video. All right so now before we put the cedar shake siding on i'm going to be adding. This product called aqua vent and

What do you put under cedar shingles?

Synthetic underlayment: With modern improvements and manufacturing techniques, synthetic underlayments are now considered the best material installed under cedar shingles. Synthetic underlayments are made from polyester, fiberglass and polypropylene.

Can you use a nail gun on cedar shingles?

Tools & Fasteners

It’s possible to install cedar shingles with a hammer, and that provides the most control, but with 900 nails per square, the job will go a lot faster if you use a pneumatic nail gun. The other big advantage to using a nail gun is that you have one hand free to hold the shingle-strip.

Is cedar breather necessary?

Not only is it worth it, it is necessary. Cedar shakes/shingles need to have airflow underneath them so that they dry out evenly. During a good soaking rain cedar will absorb a lot of water, if they dry unevenly after a while they will start to curl and split.

How do you lay cedar shakes?

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Quote from Youtube video: So now the trick to installing any roof shingle it needs to overhang on the sides about 3/4 of an inch. And on the front leading edge a wood shingle should be an inch and a half to an inch and 3/4.

What is the minimum pitch for cedar shingles?

14 degrees

One of the many advantages of using cedar shingles is that they can be used on roof pitches as low as 14 degrees.

What is better red or white cedar shingles?

Overall, red cedar shingles are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than white cedar shingles. This is partly due to the red shingles’ unique cellular composition that results in the capturing of small pockets of air and improves insulation capabilities.

Are there different grades of cedar shingles?

Cedar shingles fall into four different categories: Sidewall Select “AB”, Extra “A”, Clear “B”, and 2nd Clear “C”.

What is the best grade of cedar shingle?

Number 1 ~ the highest grade of shingles are 100% heartwood, 100% clear, and 100% edge grain. Western Red Cedar Shingles in this grade are sometimes referred to as “Blue Label”, which is a Registered Certi-label trademark.

What are the different grades of cedar shakes?

The 3 grades (types) of cedar shake shingles are common, selects, and 100% straight grain.

What is the difference between cedar shingles and cedar shakes?

Cedar shakes are split off while shingles are sawn smooth on both sides and cut tapered. Lastly, shakes are thicker than shingles. Durability – Generally speaking, cedar shakes are more durable and last longer than shingles because they are thicker and made from premium grade wood.

What is the difference between Red Label and Blue Label cedar shingles?

The blue label shingles are thicker than red label shingles and are recommended for roofing, exterior or interior siding and walls. Recommend using a 5-1/2″ exposure when installing as a roof and a 7-1/2″ exposure when installing vertically on siding. Shingle is sold in hobby packs and contractors pack.