What can I use instead of a drill?

Look in your local hardware store and just use a normal screwdriver. These are the four most commonly used replacements of your drill tool. More handy tips on tool replacements are coming up, so standby.

What can I use instead of drilling into wall?

The best alternatives to drilling wall

  • Using adhesives or sticky materials for pictures or posters. Use adhesive glues or sticky tapes. …
  • Hanging with ropes, strings or wires. Use a string to hang on and decorate the wall. …
  • Presenting artistically on wooden easels. …
  • Screw into walls.

Can you screw a screw into a wall without a drill?

Self-threading anchors do not require pre-drilling holes because they are self-thread- SIMPLE! Using a nail to make an indentation on the mark is not required, but it is acceptable if desired.