Can you take asbestos to the local tip?

It’s normally completely free to dump asbestos at your local tip as a householder.

How do you get rid of asbestos UK?

Instructions for disposing of asbestos

  1. When removing the asbestos keep it damp.
  2. Do not saw it, cut it, break it or rub it in any way.
  3. Asbestos sheeting must be wrapped in accordance with HSE guidelines.
  4. Double wrap it in 1000 gauge polythene (which can be purchased from any builders’ merchant’s) and tape it up securely.

How big is a sheet of asbestos?

Due to the extra size, thickness and hence increased weight, asbestos sheets larger than the standard 1.8 x 0.7 metres (or the equivalent area of 1.35 square metres) eg. whole 2.0 x 1.0 metre corrugated sheets will not be accepted as they cannot be safely managed within the terms of the scheme.

Can I bury asbestos on my property UK?

Burial of asbestos waste is strictly prohibited and can potentially lead to major fines and/or prosecution from the HSA and the Environmental Protection Agency under current legislation/regulations.

Where is asbestos disposed?


All asbestos waste generated during the project must be wetted before it is double bagged in 6-millimeter plastic bags and enclosed in a plastic, leak-tight container with a lid and proper labeling. It can only be disposed of in special landfills that are designated to receive asbestos waste.