How do I order a custom paint color?

Typically, the way to get a custom-matched paint color is by bringing a sample of that color to the store that mixes the paint. At the store, the experts have color analysis tools that will scan your sample and create a formula to recreate that same hue.

Can you get a paint color from a picture?

With ColorSnap by Sherwin-Williams, you can match colors from your phone’s camera or photo library. Paint colors can be matched by using an app called ColorSnap Match offered by Sherwin-Williams. You can upload an existing photo or take a new one to find the right color.

Can Sherwin-Williams color match from a picture?

Match a Photo — Customers can take a photo, choose one from their camera roll or select a Pin and ColorSnap® Visualizer will match the colors to Sherwin-Williams paint colors.

Can I upload a picture of my house and try paint colors?

Picking a Color With Home Depot’s Project Color App

We ended up using the ProjectColor app that Home Depot offers to finalize our exterior paint color. On the app, you can take a photo of your home and “test” colors right on it to see how the final product will look. Seriously, so cool!

Can you order custom paint online?

Buying paint online is easier than you think. With thousands of gorgeous color choices from PPG’s Timeless Interior line of paint available at The Home Depot you can find the right paint color for any room in your home. Buy paint online here and get it delivered directly to your door!

Can I buy custom paint Home Depot online?

The Home Depot site has an impressive collection of paint colors on offer, and each can be customized by finish, size, and style. However, you cannot buy a custom color online and instead will have to go into the store if you would like a specific color matched by Home Depot.

Can Home Depot make any paint color?

Yes, Home Depot can match paint to virtually any color and can also match paint from other stores and brands in 2022. Additionally, Home Depot can match paint from materials and items, including paint cans, paint can lids, chips of paint, pictures, drywall, wood, fabric, plastic, and metal.

Is Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Visualizer app free?

ColorSnap® Visualizer for iPhone and Android

ColorSnap® Visualizer, the color-matching app that captures colors from your surroundings and matches them to Sherwin-Williams paint colors, is now a FREE download on iPhone and Android devices.

Is there a color-matching app?

The Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Match app features a bunch of tools to find your perfect color match. Use “Instant Paint” to try out Sherwin-Williams’ 1,500 paint colors on any of your walls without the commitment. Just snap a photo and choose a color.

Is there an app to change paint colors?

Introducing Project Color ™ by The Home Depot – an app that allows you to find the perfect paint color for your interior or exterior paint project. Browse colors right from your phone.

Is there an app to virtually paint your house?

Free and available for use on a desktop, Android, iPhone or iPad, Sherwin Williams’ ColorSnap® Visualizer lets you explore paint possibilities galore. Upload your own photo or use one of their samples, then simply drag and drop colors (or use the brush) to virtually paint your scene. Get the tools: Desktop.

How do you use Sherwin Williams ColorSnap Visualizer?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: Using the new instant paint feature in color snap visualizer for iPhone and Android. Seeing color on their own walls in real time puts faster more confident color decisions at their fingertips.

What is ColorSnap by Sherwin-Williams?

The ColorSnap Match is a revolutionary color-matching system that uses a color scanning device that links to an app to scan and accurately match colors to Sherwin Williams colors.

What is ColorSnap?


The ColorSnap® system seamlessly integrates with this exclusive Sherwin-Williams technology that calibrates color formulas specifically for every product and sheen, ensuring outstanding color accuracy and consistency.

How do you paint in ColorSnap?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: Color once you press Explorer color there are three ways to build your color palette. You can check out the digital color wall scan.

How much is a ColorSnap device?


The ColorSnap Match paint-scanning device is available in Sherwin-Williams stores for $69.99, and the ColorSnap Match app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Can you color match paint online?

Match My Color

With our online room visualizer, you can test out any paint color before you do the work. Pick from a set of existing room images, or upload your own photo, and you can change walls and trim to find the right color.

How accurate is ColorSnap Match?

Color can be subjective and the app makes no bones about the fact that light source, individual perception or other factors could affect the results and therefore the color you see on the screen may not be a 100% accurate match to the paint suggested. A color-calibrated, exact-match, pigment analyzer it is not.

Does Sherwin-Williams do custom colors?

Custom Color Cards

Color sells, so let us help you market your color and paint options. We’ll create professionally designed color cards, personalized with your logo, that will lay out all of your interior and/or exterior color options in an eye-catching collection.

How do I match a paint color on a picture?

Project Color also allows you to match a favorite color from a photo on your mobile device, or a photo you’ve just taken. You click on a color in the image and the app provides the closest paint or stain colors available at The Home Depot. You can save favorite paint colors in the app so you can remember them later.