Why is there water coming out of my furnace exhaust pipe?

When a high efficiency furnace releases the exhaust gases, condensation is created. This condensation is a significant amount of moisture on the PVC pipe, and it needs to be drained either into a floor drain or a condensation pump. A water leakage occurs when the condensation is unable to drain properly.

How do you seal a water heater vent pipe?

Install an increaser in the largest hole in the chimney. Fill any voids with pieces of gravel or brick, and then seal the increaser in place with furnace cement. Install smoke caps in the smaller holes and seal them with furnace cement. Install an increaser on the flue base on the water heater.

Should there be water in the furnace exhaust pipe?

If you have a standard-efficiency furnace, one with a metal pipe attached, it should never leak condensation. If you see a leak, it could mean that the exhaust pipe is the wrong size for your unit.

Why is there a puddle of water under my furnace?

The most common reason for water under your furnace is a clogged condensation drain. Condensate is the name given to the moisture that has been condensed out of the air in your home when the air conditioner is running. once it turns the humidity into water, it ha s to get rid of it.