How do you remove particle board underlayment?

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Quote from Youtube video: Board that are not glued down of course i got nails in there so every once in a while i go in there i have to find a nail with the drill and i've got to back it off pull it out with it with a claw.

Should I replace my particle board subfloor?

If your time and budget allow, I would remove all the particle board subflooring and replace it with plywood. But if you feel the undamaged particle board will remain in good condition, you would only have to tear out the areas that need replacing.

Is particle board the same as underlayment?

Note: particleboard is nonstructural and has no code approval for use as sub-flooring or single-layer sub-flooring/underlayment (source). It does not provide the necessary strength and resilience necessary for safe sub-flooring. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of particle board as an underlayment material.

How do you replace particle board flooring?

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Quote from Youtube video: I scraped up put them outside in the backyard. And had a little bonfire burn everything up my next step was I put down a layer of tar paper. And then started putting down a new plywood.

How do you remove nailed down particle board?

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Quote from Youtube video: The tear out of this subfloor is going to require a crowbar a good broom and dustpan its particle board that's been not only nailed down with ring shank nails but also glued down the very important

How do you remove glued down underlayment?

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Quote from Youtube video: If you can get up under in an area where it's not glued. Down you tend to be able to pull up the tile. And the particle. Board all in one.

Can I put plywood over particle board?

If your home has particleboard subfloors instead of plywood subfloors, you may want the added durability plywood has to offer. Replacing the subfloors can be a time-consuming and expensive process, but you can strengthen your subfloor without removing the particleboard by laying plywood on top of it.

Can I install vinyl plank flooring over particle board?

While particleboard is actually only recommended for vinyl sheeting, vinyl tiles can be installed on it, provided the particleboard is sealed first. This prevents moisture from seeping between the tiles and causing the particleboard to swell over time.

Can I lay tile over particle board?

The Ceramic Tile Institute of America recommends against using particleboard as a foundation for ceramic tile in flooring. Over time, the likelihood of problems arising from such installation are far higher than if you use a substrate such as concrete, which is recommended.

Does water damaged subfloor need to be replaced?

The best choice for damaged subflooring is usually to have it replaced — especially if it is growing mold. In severe situations, it may feel like replacing the flooring is the only action you can take.

How do I remove and replace subfloor?

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Quote from Youtube video: Level there's a lot of tools we could use to cut out this subfloor. In this case we're going to be using a circular. Saw. Before you start any demo be sure you're wearing your safety gear.

How do you seal a particle board subfloor?

Apply sealant with a paint brush to all sheets of the particle board on the floor, making sure to have even coverage of the face on each sheet. Work from one end of the room to the other moving backward as you apply sealant. Let the sealer dry thoroughly.

How do you remove glued and nailed subfloor?

Move the chisel along the line of the plywood where it’s glued and nailed to the floor or floor joist, reinsert it and continue cutting it loose by pounding it with the hammer. When possible, grab it with both hands, rock it up and down and pull it loose in one complete sheet.

What kind of flooring can you put over particle board?

As far as hard surface flooring is concerned, particle board subflooring will limit you to a vinyl plank floor or a laminate floor. Sublfoor leveling is a very difficult and costly task on particle board. If the subfloor is not smooth enough for a plank floor, then we would only be able to install carpet.

How do you remove fiberboard subfloor?

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Quote from Youtube video: Just basically laid it along an edge like that set the depth of the blade just deep enough to get through the underlayment.

How do you replace a rotted subfloor in a wall?

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Quote from Youtube video: If it's a bearing wall then the studs. Probably are going to need to be replaced. After that we will need to remove the plywood and/or the subflooring.

Can you replace a subfloor without removing walls?

Though it’s not the main support system—that’s the work of beams, posts, and joists—it does its fair share of the work. Though replacing a subfloor can sometimes escalate into a bigger project, there are some cases where you can remove parts of the subfloor without having to take down the wall.

How do I replace the bottom plate on my wall?

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Quote from Youtube video: So this wall here is still going to support you know any load that's on here and then once i have this more secure with the new pieces on this corner then i'll bother with that.