Most likely, you’ll need to cut the pipe and rework it with new fittings. If you heat the joint hot enough to melt the solder, you’d want to pull it apart to clean the joint, apply new flux, and solder it again.

Can you take apart soldered copper joints?

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Quote from Youtube video: Occasionally you need to remove a joint that's already been soldered. We call that process desoldering.

Can you reuse soldered copper fittings?

Copper pipes are usually connected together using a variety of fittings, including elbows, T’s and couplings. You can remove copper fittings and reuse them by following a straightforward procedure that requires a moderate amount of time and effort.

How do you disassemble a soldered joint?

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Quote from Youtube video: So start eating the fitting. And use a pair of adjustable pliers to wiggle it off a little tip here is to remove your pliers from the fitting as you're heating they'll absorb the heat.

Can you undo copper solder?

With the aid of the propane torch, heat the ends of the copper pipe so that the old solder will melt and can be removed. Using a dry rag, wipe away any solder that is left. Take extra precaution to ensure you don’t burn yourself when wiping away the old solder from the pipe.

Can you reheat solder joint?

You can re heat and move it. You might brush a little flux on it first and heat slowly The problem with re heating a joint is getting it too hot and ruining the solder seal. Fix one side firmly so that as soon as it moves you can adjust it and quickly leave it alone.

Can you Resolder a joint?

Dry the outside of the elbow and sand (120-grit paper or cloth) around the leaking joint to remove all surface corrosion. Apply soldering flux around the whole joint and apply heat with a torch until the old solder melts. Add new solder until a shiny ring of solder shows all around the joint.

Can you sand solder off copper pipe?

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Quote from Youtube video: Just begin sanding that. Off. On the problem areas like this can actually just take it. And use it just like regular sand paper to help grind off all those extra bumps and snags on it.

How do you remove solder from copper pipe threads?

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Quote from Youtube video: Hot enough to melt the solder before the flux burns away if the flux burns away then the pipe will oxidize. And the solder won't get hot enough to melt. So that you can remove the fitting.

How do you remove solder without heat?

Touch the cold flat head screwdriver to the liquid solder, and quickly remove it. If done properly, the solder should adhere to the cold screwdriver and can be removed from the surface. This process can be repeated to remove any remaining amount of solder.

How do you Resweat a copper joint?

You do not need a plumber to re-sweat a joint.

How to Re-sweat a Leaking Copper Joint

  1. Locate the water main shut-off valve and turn off the water.
  2. Sand the solder joint and the adjoining surfaces of the pipe joint and the pipe with sandpaper until the copper looks shiny and not dull.

How do you fix a soldered joint?

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Quote from Youtube video: Apply a thin layer of flux all around it like this and get some locking pliers on the pipe to lightly tap it in place until it reaches the mark.

Can you overheat copper pipe when soldering?

If the metal being joined is too cool or too hot, tinning cannot occur. Overheating is a major problem when brazing or soldering copper pipe because the flux will burn (become oxidized), stop working, and become a barrier to tinning.

How long should I wait to turn water on after soldering?

If you followed these instructions, the joint is likely very tight. The only good way to test is to put pressure on the joint (turn on the water to the house). Be sure to wait until the solder has cooled (2-3 minutes) before pressurizing the line to avoid the solder cracking due to a quick change in temperature.

Can you use too much flux when soldering?

Although there is a sufficient amount of flux present in the core of the solder wire to get your job done, the technicians (to make their job easy) tend to use additional flux in form of paste or liquid during the rework on the PCB. There is no problem with the use of flux during soldering.

How do you solder copper pipe horizontally?

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Quote from Youtube video: You want to use a dedicated size brush where you're fitting to get it clean they most often arrive clean from the manufacturer. But it's important to get the surface roughed up a bit just.

How do you solder a horizontal joint?

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Quote from Youtube video: Apply the solder to the fitting by pushing the solder into the joint and keep the torch slightly ahead of the solder. Use the same technique until you reach the top of the joint.

What kind of torch do you use to solder copper pipe?

MAPP gas

The torch needed for soldering copper can be propane or MAPP gas (methylacetylene-propadiene propane). MAPP gas comes in a yellow tank and propane comes in a blue tank. MAPP gas, usually a bit more expensive, gets much hotter than propane, so heats the pipe faster.