What is the maximum distance between chain link fence posts?

ten feet apart

Chain link fence posts are typically spaced a maximum of ten feet apart. For aesthetic reasons, space posts evenly, but do NOT exceed ten feet between posts. If you plan on installing privacy slats or another type of material that will increase wind load, consider using 8′ or 6′ post spacing.

How far apart can terminal posts be?

10 feet apart

After the concrete around the terminal posts have hardened, stretch a string tight between the terminal posts. The string should be 4″ below the top of the terminal posts. Line posts should not be spaced more than 10 feet apart.

How many posts do you need for a chain link fence?

Use four per end and gate posts. Use eight per corner for fences up to 5-feet tall. Use five per end and gate post. Use ten per corner post for fences up to 6-feet tall.

How deep should terminal post?

Dig the terminal post holes (about 8 inches in diameter and 30 inches deep). Slope the sides with wider at the bottom than at the top. Mark the ground line on the posts with chalk. The height of terminal post above level ground should equal to the height of the fabric plus 2 inches.

What is the difference between a line post and a terminal post?

Terminal posts include corner posts and gate posts. They are usually taller and larger than line posts. Line posts are the vertical support structures for the chainwire fence which are usually spaced 10 or less feet apart. Other horizontal logs could rest on these line posts.

Can you pound in chain link fence posts?

Never pound the posts into the ground, especially if you have hard clay or rocky soil, because you’ll bend the tops. The hole should be slightly bigger than the posts, so you can back fill it with dirt packed tightly around the post.

Does a chain link fence need a top rail?

Almost all permanent chain link fences have a top rail to support the weight of the chain link fabric and keep it from sagging over time.

How much should be the gap between gate and post chain link?

Distance between gate posts is determined by adding the actual width of the gate to an allowance for hinges and latches. Single walk gates require 3-3/4″ for hinges and latches and double drive gates require 5-1/2 “.

How do you install a 6 foot chain link fence?

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Quote from Youtube video: Place. If you have to remove any excess fabric loosen a strand and twist it out to secure the other end insert a tension bar about three feet from the end of the fabric.

How deep should a 7 foot fence post be?

How Deep Should a Fence Post Be? For an average fence post, about 6 to 8 feet tall, prepare to dig a post hole about 2 feet deep. To install a fence post, you’ll need a shovel or post digger, a 6-foot level, soil, and gravel or crushed stone.

What is a terminal post for chain link?

Terminal posts in a chain link fence include posts where the fence ends, where it turns, and where there are gates. Gate posts also often include hinges on one side for the gate to attach to and a latch on the other to keep the gate closed.

How big are the holes in a chain link fence?


Size of the Chain Link Fence Post Hole

For residential fences, it is best to maintain a hole diameter of 6-8” and a depth of 30”. This sizing provides adequate space for filling the hole with cement, while also allowing for some space for the hole to expand in the winter when your yard freezes.

How do you join two chain link fence sections?

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Quote from Youtube video: You want to straighten it with the pliers right. There. Like that now you got it good look eat a little straighter. Let's see it's kind of hard to do with one. Hand.

How deep do you dig a hole for fence post?

Dig post hole so diameter of the hole is 3 times the width of the post (i.e., the hole for a 4” wood post should be about 12 inches wide). The depth of the hole should be 1/3-1/2 the post height above ground (i.e., a 6-foot tall fence would require a hole depth of at least 2 feet).

How do you install a chain link fence without digging?

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Quote from Youtube video: Okay YouTube putting in a fence without digging holes. Here's all my post. I got a good deal on some use chain-link fence that had never been concreted in so I used my post driver.

Do chain link fence line posts need concrete?

You can install a chain link fence without using concrete, but it is not recommended. Anchoring each fence post in concrete is the best way to ensure your fence will stand straight and tall for many years.

How do you stabilize a fence post without concrete?

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Quote from Youtube video: He said that this method of securing a gate post without concrete was keying the post the key is this old treated. 2 by 6 the 2 by 6 is going to go perpendicular to the direction of the gate leaning.

How deep do chain link fence posts need to be?

As a general rule, Fencing Direct recommends at least a 24-inch footing depth for a 4-foot fence, plus an extra 3 inches for every foot of height (for example, 27 inches for a 5-foot post).

How can I make my chain link fence taller?

4 Easy Ways to Heighten a Chain Link Fence

  1. Add Welded Wire to the Top of Your Fence. One way to heighten your chain link fence is to add material to the top of your fence. …
  2. Add Mesh Cloth to the Top of Your Fence. …
  3. Add Tenax to Your Chain Link Fence. …
  4. Use PVC Piping or New Line Posts to Extend Fence Posts.

How do I fill the gap between fence post and house?

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Quote from Youtube video: Here this dummy post here what we call or a puppy saver gap bill or whatever and then I went ahead and I put these brace bands over here on this side.