Sand them flat (or even slightly dished). Apply joint tape to any cracks (my personal preference is mesh, though you’ll find lots of opinions). Apply all purpose joint compound in numerous thin coats. (Purists would have you do the mesh tape coat with a setting compound.

How do you fix a bad patch job on the wall?

Quote from Youtube video: Now we use fast setting joint compound in this case. Because it shrinks less it shrinks almost none. And it's going to allow me to turn around put another coat on it in about 20. Minutes.

How do you flatten a patched wall?

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Quote from Youtube video: You can also just use some sandpaper I do recommend puttin on a sandpaper block. So it's flat but again these are really handy.

How do you fix a messed up drywall patch?

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Quote from Youtube video: Cut out the area with a drywall. Saw apply joint compound to the back of the paper press into place and cover with a couple of coats of joint compound.

How do you hide a bad drywall job?

How Do You Hide Drywall Seams After Painting?

  1. Use paper tape to cover drywall joints.
  2. Apply 2–3 coats of joint compound over your tape, using progressively bigger taping knives.
  3. Sand between coats of joint compound to smooth seams.
  4. Apply a final coat of topping compound over the joints.

How do you smooth out a bumpy drywall?

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Quote from Youtube video: If you put a really good stipple on it like a three-quarter inch roller. And several two to three coats of paint primer. And all that you can sometimes make it look pretty close to a level five but to

How do you smooth out drywall bumps?

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Quote from Youtube video: And then it indents in right so what you're trying to do is take this indentation. And pull it out first thing is you want to find which part of the wall is higher okay.

How do you flatten bowed drywall?

Use a putty knife or drywall knife to apply the joint compound. After four to six hours, the joint compound should be hardened and you can sand it down, leaving the drywall panel smooth to the touch and eye.

How do you blend uneven drywall?

Apply a third layer of compound, thicker than the previous two layers, to the uneven joint with a 10-inch drywall knife once the first two coats are thoroughly dry. Spread from the high side of the uneven joint to the low side, applying more compound as necessary on the low side to blend in with the high side.

How do you level uneven drywall?

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Quote from Youtube video: The two sheets. Together. So when you have it your areas like all pair words there isn't a gap. You definitely want to create one we're gonna get the mud. Give me behind there.

What can I use for drywall shims?

Hard cardboard that does not compact under pressure is the source for drywall shims. Other materials, such as corrugated cardboard, would compact too far. While drywall shims can be duplicated for free by slicing up old cardboard, veneer board, or even tar paper, cardboard drywall shims are far easier to work with.

How do you shim a wall?

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Quote from Youtube video: Also here's a hot tip the stud should all be 16 inches on center for half inch. Kerdi-board. Also take a six foot level. And check every single stud to see whether or not it's bowed in or bowed.

Can you wet Shim drywall?

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Quote from Youtube video: Where you would want to wet shim. This can only be done with your foam backer board not your cement backer board the best type of thinset to use for this method would be a modified rapid set thinset.