How do you override a hot tub heater?

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Quote from Youtube video: Set like so that's a JP 13 just going to move the the jumper that was up here on the top on number one it's usually off to the side.

How do you increase the temperature of a RotoSpa?

The default temperature is set at 37 deg, to adjust the temperature press and hold the up button, this will raise the temperature. To reduce the temperature press and hold the down button. STEP 3; once powered up the RotoSpa will enter auto mode and heat to the set temperature.

Can you use RotoSpa in winter?

Can you use it all year round? Yes, RotoSpas are fully insulated and sealed. Think of our shells as a Thermos – they lock the heat in and the cold out.

How do I get my hot tub above 104 degrees?

Most hot tubs are designed to reach a maximum temperature of 104 degrees. Therefore, you cannot make the hot tub hotter than 104 degrees as the maximum temperatures for such models. However, by adding a water heater or running the pumps all the time, the water temperature can quickly rise above 104 degrees.

Can you bypass a temperature sensor on a hot tub?

If you wish to bypass the thermostat on a hot tub, however, the process is simple. Remember that very high water temperatures may be unsafe and are not recommended for more than a few minutes at a time. Use caution when bypassing a hot tub thermostat to avoid dangerous water temperatures.

How do you turn a RotoSpa hot tub on?

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Quote from Youtube video: Press the up and the down buttons at the same time. The actual water temperature will flash for a few seconds. Before reverting back to the set temperature.

What does Flo mean on my hot tub?

there is an issue with water flow

If you have a Hot Tub FLO Error Code, this usually means there is an issue with water flow in your hot tub.

How big is a RotoSpa?

With RotoSpa, you can take comfort and fun with you wherever you go. Weighing just 250 pounds, they are easily transported in a trailer or pick up truck and will roll through a 34″ doorway opening. Use it at home in the winter and at the cottage in the summer. Simply fill your RotoSpa hot tub, plug it in and relax.

How do you drain a RotoSpa?

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Quote from Youtube video: And pull the drain valve towards you to release the flow of water. Once this bar is drained push the drain valve in tight. And by twisting in a clockwise direction remove the hose an attachment.