The paint you used is decent quality, make sure you use a high quality applicator. As for the sheen issue, follow the advice of @Michael Karas and always do your “cut-in” brush work first, then roll up as close to the molding as possible to cover the brush work.

How do you prevent brush strokes in satin paint?

Quote from Youtube video: You want to use a paint conditioner now there are many paint conditioners you can go with but penetrable is what I've used most of my life.

How do you stop brush lines when painting trim?

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Quote from Youtube video: Board is covered or whatever you're painting is covered good coverage with paint. And then you work that paint into the surface with back and forth strokes until the paint feels evenly.

How do you make satin paint smooth?

How to Fix Uneven Paint With a Satin Finish

  1. Allow the paint to dry overnight if you just applied your satin finish paint. …
  2. Wrap a piece of 220-grit sandpaper around a sanding block. …
  3. Vacuum the area to remove any paint dust. …
  4. Match the surface color with a latex paint that includes primer in a satin finish.

What to add to paint to prevent brush strokes?

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Quote from Youtube video: Which is brush strokes you add a latex extender or a flow additive. And it will help those brush strokes actually level out and flow a lot better and not show up.

How do I get rid of brush strokes?

How to Minimize Brush Strokes on your Painted Furniture

  1. Use the Right Brush for your Paint. …
  2. Use Good Brush Technique. …
  3. Paint in the Same Direction as the Wood Grain. …
  4. Lightly sand in between each coat of paint and after the final coat. …
  5. Try Rolling On, Laying Off. …
  6. Give Yourself Some Grace!

What is the best paint brush to avoid brush marks?

Use brushes with nylon-polyester bristles. A brush about 2.5 inches wide is a good choice for cabinets. Some painters like the angled bristles of so-called sash brushes.

How do you smooth paint brush strokes?

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Quote from Youtube video: One tip that you want to do is as its drying you don't want to start and stop and then go back and back brush on it as its drying that will leave texture. So you've got I would say about a minute or

How do you get a smooth paint finish with a brush?

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Quote from Youtube video: Start in a corner. And clean up those brush. Strokes. Clean them up. Clean them up. All right and that's going to give me nice clean smooth even brush strokes all the way across my piece.

Does Floetrol eliminate brush marks?

Floetrol, a paint additive for latex and acrylic paints, has been designed to make these types of paint more like oil-based paint. It helps eliminate brush marks, increases coverage, and reduces the need to thin the paint before using it. This product also lubricates the paint to reduce wear and tear on spray guns.

Do professional painters use Floetrol?

Many professional painters use Floetrol as their “secret weapon”. As oil based paints continue to be phased out, Floetrol gives latex paint a similar flow and leveling of oil based paints. Floetrol is not to be used as a paint thinner.

Does Floetrol reduce sheen?

The amount depends on the consistency and flow properties of the paint. NOTE: The amount of Floetrol added will not change the color or sheen of flat or semi-gloss latex or acrylic paint. Floetrol may reduce the sheen in gloss paints.

Why do painters use Floetrol?

Floetrol helps these water based paints perform more like oil based paints which ultimately makes using the paints easier as latex paints can tend to be heavier making them less forgiving when being sprayed as well as having a greater likelihood of leaving a brush or roller mark behind when being applied by a brush or

What is a good substitute for Floetrol?

Elmers Glue

Elmer’s Glue is probably going to be your cheapest Floetrol substitute option, other than water. If you dilute your glue with a little bit of water, you will get a similar pouring consistency as Floetrol. Your painting will dry to a matte finish when using Elmer’s Glue-all (very similarly to Floetrol).

What is the ratio of Floetrol to paint?

As a starting point, mix 1 part floetrol with 1 part acrylic paint. Stir slowly with a wooden stick until you reach a smooth consistency. When you lift the wooden stick out of the pouring mix, the paint should have a runny consistency.