The motion detectors, relays, and the light fixtures should be connected to the same power source, and the coil voltage of the control relays must be the same as the lighting circuit.

How do I connect two motion sensors together?

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Quote from Youtube video: Power from the black line into the motion detector. It's sensing that there's motion the light turns on if however you're slaving them together like I am so that you can have one master.

Can motion sensors be wired in series?

When wiring a motion sensor, you will generally want to use Normally Closed wiring. This may also be referred to as Series wiring. If you have multiple motion sensors connected with the same zone, they will be wired in series. You may also want to use an end of line resistor (EOLR) with your motion detectors.

Can you wire two PIR sensors together?

OK then – yes you can have two PIR’s to operate one light.

Do motion sensors interfere with each other?

So do they interfere? The short answer is: sort of. In general, the systems don’t totally cancel each other out, and many people do use them together. Remember, an infrared motion detector is looking at changes in infrared light across a scene.

Can you put 2 motion sensor on a three way switch?

When using in a 3-way application use one sensor and one standard 3-way switch. Cannot be used with another sensor, or in a 4-way application. WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS: If you are not sure about any part of these instructions, consult an electrician.

How do you wire a PIR in series?

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Quote from Youtube video: The positive is going straight into the first connector of the normally closed terminal and also notice that there's a 4k 7 resistor that links this terminal to the first wire of the tamper.

How are motion sensors wired?

Motion sensors are normally wired with 4-wire connections. Most use Normally Closed (NC) wiring that is wired in Series. Two of the wires are for power, and the other two are for data. The power wires go to the ECP bus for the panel.

How do you wire a security motion sensor?

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Quote from Youtube video: So I usually use a red wire as positive. So we'll go ahead and line up our 12 volts positive into the 12 volt there. And then I'll use our black wire here for our ground wire.

What is dual motion sensor?

​A dual technology motion detector is a security device that uses multiple methods for detecting the presence of motion. In most cases, this includes a combination of passive infrared technology and a microwave radar.

Can a rat set off a motion detector?

Homeowners with pets should be certain the home security system has sensors that are “pet- friendly,” as pets that are free to roam the house will trigger motion detectors and activate a false alarm. Rodents and insects can also trigger alarms.

Where do you place contact sensors?

The front and back doors are the two most important entry points to put contact sensors on. If you have other home entry doors, like one via the Garage, a contact sensor should be installed here too. Internal doors are optional. We would advise installing them on any rooms with a high number of valuables.

What is the red wire for on a motion detector light?

The red wire must go to the switch leg (the wire actually powering the light fixture) for the switch to operate properly. It won’t destroy the switch if wired backward, but it won’t work right, either.

Does a motion sensor switch need a neutral?

Dimmers and sensors that do not require neutral use the load to power themselves. This is a problem when the load lights up at the slightest current, such as LED lights. Which is why they have a minimum load and are often not capable of switching LED lights.

Can you put a motion sensor on a 4 way switch?

You cannot replace a 4-way switch with the sensor you have. The sensor you are using can either function as a 2-way or 3-way switch, it does not function as a 4-way switch. This is what a typical 4-way circuit looks like.

Can you put a motion sensor on a two way switch?

Yes, you can, under code, but you will also need to have ‘real’ switches also installed. As far as the second part write on a bit of paper, in marker, and stuff it in the the motion sensor junction box.

How do I keep my motion sensor lights on all the time?

You can constantly keep a motion sensor light by wiring it with a double switch or three-position switch set up to bypass the sensor in one position. Alternatively, most motion sensors will keep a light on if you switch the sensor off and then on again quickly.

How do you wire a 3 way Lutron motion sensor switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: Then use this as a ground wire next these two will be your travelers for your three-way wires. Put your red with the blue and then black with black and this last wire is their switch leg.

How do you install a Lutron 3 way motion sensor?

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Quote from Youtube video: Push the wires back into the wallbox. And mount the occupancy sensor to the wall box using the screws that came with the sensor tighten the screws until the sensor is tight against the wall.

How do you wire a Leviton motion sensor?

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Quote from Youtube video: If you are installing the dos-05 or dvs-05 insert a wire connector to cap off the red and yellow wire which is only used for a 3-way connection. The device is now terminated.