Grab them with a locking plier and bend them back and forth a few times. They’ll fatigue and snap off. Or use a rotary tool with a cutoff wheel. Then use a nail set to drive them below flush.

How do you remove a nail that has no head?

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Quote from Youtube video: And the cause of your hammer. And bend it to the side repeat. This process until the nail starts to move use the outside edge of your hammer for leverage. And pull out that pesky nail.

How do you remove embedded nails?

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Quote from Youtube video: And it does a lot less damage to use the flat bar simply pry under the nail head or you can use the center hole here as well and gently. And slowly pull the nail out.

How do you remove construction nails?

Step 1: Locate the particular nails you want to remove from your wood surface. Step 2: Place your claw end on the head of the nail and catch a tight hold with a supporting hammer. Step 3: Begin prying slowly to lift the nail head from the surface. Pry the nail to the left and the right, back and forth.