Can you use a motion sensor with a fluorescent light?

Unfortunately, it won’t work with fluorescents that have electronic ballasts, which are now common in better-quality fluorescent lights. (A ballast is the small metal box that modulates voltage in a fluorescent fixture.)

Can you wire a motion sensor to an existing light?

Unfortunately, this may not be possible in most existing light fixtures. However, you can install motion sensors that are mounted a little further from the lights themselves.

How do you wire a PIR sensor to an existing light?

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Quote from Youtube video: And our neutral wire. So what we can do is we'll take our black wire. And we will connect it to our hot wire remember our red wire off the motion sensor connected to our black wire.

How do you wire a motion switch to a light?

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Quote from Youtube video: Alright so according to this diagram right here it tells me that the green wire is ground which is usually a bare copper wire and then the with the white wire coming out of the switch is neutral.

How do you wire a motion sensor switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: So now all you're gonna do is take a picture and start removing all of these wires okay and you can remove them just by loosening the screws.

Does a motion sensor light need a switch?

Seeing as motion detector lights were created to turn on without you having to flip a switch, you do not have to have a switch to have motion detector lights. Having a switch that attaches to your lights, however, expands your lights’ capabilities.

How do you install a light control sensor?

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Quote from Youtube video: Board with a distribution box. Then you could control that light but in my case I'd like to use something called a day/night switch so what this is is this is a sensor. It's got an LDR in it like the

Can a motion sensor light be controlled by a switch?

If you use a motion sensor, this can act as a switch, controlling when the light goes on and off. However, there might be times when you’d like to stop the light from responding to the motion. If you want to stop the light from switching on every time anybody walks past, you can use a switch to stop it from working.

Will a motion sensor switch work without a ground?

Electrically the device will function the same if you connect it to a ground wire or a neutral.

How do you connect a motion sensor?


  1. Turn off the power at the main breaker switch.
  2. Remove the old light fixture and replace it with the new motion-sensor lights, connecting the white wire to white and the black wire to black with the wire nuts.
  3. Tuck all the wires neatly into the socket.
  4. Points the bulbs and the sensor in the desired directions.

How do you wire a motion mounted ceiling sensor?

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Quote from Youtube video: Hi I'm Paul average from synergy electrical sales today I'm going to show you the basics of wired ceiling-mounted occupancy sensors their sensor that has a power pack and an occupancy sensor.

Does a motion sensor switch need a neutral?

Dimmers and sensors that do not require neutral use the load to power themselves. This is a problem when the load lights up at the slightest current, such as LED lights. Which is why they have a minimum load and are often not capable of switching LED lights.

What is difference between motion sensor and occupancy sensor?

The Occupancy sensor detects presence of people or animals in the target monitored area. The motion sensor responds to moving objects only. The difference between them is occupancy sensor produce signals whenever an object is stationary or not while motion sensor is sensitive to only moving objects.

How do you keep a motion sensor light switch on?

You can constantly keep a motion sensor light by wiring it with a double switch or three-position switch set up to bypass the sensor in one position. Alternatively, most motion sensors will keep a light on if you switch the sensor off and then on again quickly.