Why does my ceiling fan work but not the light?

Ceiling fans that use a single bulb won’t provide light if the bulb has gone bad. Check to see that the bulbs are screwed into their sockets. Check that the bulbs have the proper wattage for the ceiling fan light assembly. Confirm that the non-working bulb is burned out by testing it in a working lamp.

How do you wire a ceiling fan light switch with two switches?

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Quote from Youtube video: The light to the fan fixture. That is the blue wire up to my red wire. And then my neutral which is the white wire to the white wire and the green which is your ground to the copper wire.

Can you wire a fan and light switch together?

Wiring a bathroom fan to a light switch is very straightforward. If the bathroom fan and light are separate fixtures, you’ll need a short wire to connect the two. Turn the power off, connect the white wires, connect the black wires, ensure it’s grounded, turn the power back on, and you’re good to go.

How do you sync two Hunter ceiling fans?

Turn the power to your fan off for 5-10 seconds and then back on using the wall switch. Press and hold both the ‘FAN’ and ‘LIGHT’ buttons for at least four seconds. This step should be done within three minutes of restoring power to the fan. Your fan should turn on low speed indicating the pairing was successful.

How do you troubleshoot a Hunter ceiling fan?

Why did my ceiling fan stop working?

  1. Make sure the power switch is on.
  2. Pull the pull chain to make sure it is on. …
  3. Push the motor reversing switch firmly left or right to ensure that it is engaged.
  4. Check the circuit breaker to ensure the power is turned on.
  5. Make sure the blades spin freely by hand.

How do you test a ceiling fan light switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: All right over here if you want to verify. You should have a 120 volts AC. Between. This blue wire coming in which turns to red and then your white connector right here.

Which wire is hot when both are same color?

In most modern fixtures the neutral wire will be white and the hot wire is red or black. In some types of fixtures, both wires will be the same color. In this case, the neutral wire is always identified by some means. In some cases, there will be small writing on the wiring case.

Can two switches control one ceiling fan?

Wire Your Fan

A single wall switch controls the power to the fan and light together, whereas a dual wall switch has two separate switches – one for the fan and the other for the light.

How do you wire a dual light switch?

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Quote from Youtube video: And then the hot leaving the switch to turn on and off a light or a fan in this case when it's two switches in one body they mark the top terminals with a darker colored screw.

Where is the DIP switch on a Hunter ceiling fan?

The DIP switches are under the battery compartment on the remote and are on the flat side of the receiver.

How do I resync my ceiling fan remote?

There are several ways to reset a ceiling fan remote, but here’s the most straightforward: With the power off, hold down the button until the light on the remote flashes. Then, press and hold it again for 15-30 seconds to resynchronize the remote with your fan.

How do I change the frequency on my Hunter ceiling fan remote?

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Quote from Youtube video: The dip switch settings look like for sliding buttons. Using a ballpoint pen or a small screwdriver slide the buttons to create a new frequency combination.

Why does my Hunter ceiling fan light not work?

Probably causes are a faulty light kit, the fuse in the light kit has blown, a faulty wall or remote control which could be either the handset or receiver, broken or faulty light switch or just incorrect installation.

Why is my new ceiling fan not working?

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Quote from Youtube video: Light isn't working properly try tightening any loose bulbs and replacing any that are burnt out next try resetting the remote by turning off the power and removing the batteries.

Where is the capacitor on a Hunter ceiling fan?

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Quote from Youtube video: However most starting capacitors will be found on top of the motor assembly disassemble the fan to access the capacitor. To reach the capacitor in the motor unscrew.

How do I know if my ceiling fan is single or dual capacitor?

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Quote from Youtube video: If you have just one microfarad rating you have a single capacitor. If however you have 2 micro farad ratings such as this one I mentioned was 30 plus 5 then you have 8 dual capacitor.

Can a fan work without capacitor?

Yes. You can run the ceiling fan without a capacitor by manually spinning the blades. When you give manual spin to the blades, the ceiling fan starts to spin in that direction. Since this manual process is cumbersome hence a capacitor is attached to the ceiling fan to make it self-starting.

What happens if fan capacitor fails?

If the capacitor is bad, the fan is still getting power, but because the start coil is compromised, it can’t develop enough torque to start the fan. You can start the fan yourself, however, by giving it a push, and it will keep running. Before you do that, listen to the fan carefully, and you’ll hear a humming sound.

How do I know if my capacitor is bad?

The 7 Most Common Bad AC Capacitor Symptoms

  1. AC Not Blowing Cold Air. An air conditioner that doesn’t blow cold air is one of the first signs of a problem many homeowners notice. …
  2. High and Rising Energy Bills. …
  3. Humming Noise. …
  4. Old HVAC System. …
  5. AC Turns Off On Its Own. …
  6. AC Doesn’t Turn On Immediately. …
  7. AC Won’t Turn On.

How do I know if my capacitor or fan motor is bad?

5 Signs Your AC Fan Motor Is Bad

  1. The cooling fans won’t turn on.
  2. The fan turns on when the AC is running, but the blades rotate slowly.
  3. You can hear a rattling noise coming from the condenser unit.
  4. It smells like something’s burning.
  5. Blown fuse.