Can a P-trap be higher than the drain pipe?

You attach the p-trap directly to the drainage and manuever the p-traps exits into you existing drain. It is not ideal to have the p-trap below the the exit drain because water gravity has to force the water out instead of it flowing downwards naturally.

How do you hook up a 2 inch P-trap pipe?

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Quote from Youtube video: To begin measure and cut the wall tube to the length required. Next position the nuts and washer on the wall tube insert wall tube into waste connector and tighten the existing nut.

What size should a P-trap drain pipe be?

Kitchen sink P-Traps come in 1-1/2” standard size, while bathroom sinks use P-Traps of 1-1/4” standard size.

How do you put a P-trap under a vanity?

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Quote from Youtube video: The p-trap from this abs pipe. I went out and got a replacement fitting threaded fitting here that's going to slide over here i'm going to glue that in a second.

How do you install a P-trap when the drain is too high?

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Quote from Youtube video: But that happens a lot you know when you have varying degrees in in the height. Mismatch. You can see how much higher this drain pipe is coming out of the wall compared to the p trap.

How far should the sink drain pipe go into the P-trap?

Maximum Distance

However, the Universal Plumbing Code stipulates that the total developed length of all tailpieces, arms and fittings connecting the drain to the p-trap must be 24 inches or less.

How do you connect a P-trap to a tailpiece?

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Quote from Youtube video: Fit in here is a tight fitting I'm just going to go ahead and put some teflon paste.

Which way does P-trap go?

In a Shower P-Trap, Can the Lower Curvature Be Backward? When you cement it together, the straighter side of the trap- which is not as curved- should be what the 90 degree piece is glued onto. Then the curved end should be connected to the shower drain. However, gluing the P-trap shouldn’t affect the drainage.

Are flexible P traps good?

P-traps take on and maintain the shape of a letter p to keep sewer gases out of your house. When you use a flexible p trap, you’re more likely to get the shape wrong, and you’re more likely to accidentally misshape it when you bump the pipe. Or when you bump it, the force might cause it to spring a leak.

Can a p-trap be too deep?

When the trap is too deep, liquid may flow through it too fast, which can lead to siphoning of the trap seal and sludge buildup. The drain connection at the wall is too high on this sink, resulting in a 9-inch-deep trap seal — 5 inches deeper than is allowed by code.

Can you extend p-trap?

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Quote from Youtube video: So if you notice there's a gap between the tail piece and the pea trap. So we're going to need an extension tail piece installed which is what this is.

What height should a sink p-trap be?

The trap is usually attached to the end of the tailpiece, and tailpieces are typically between 6 – 8 inches long (though I’ve seen up to 12). So the “standard” height of a trap would be, 6 – 8″ below the fixture.

How tall is a 2 inch P-trap?


Double Fitting Size 2″ x 2″ 2″
Fitting 2 size 2″ 9.125
Product Height (in.) 2.75 7.594

What size is a bathroom sink drain pipe?

The standard size for a bathroom sink drain pipe is 1.25 inches in diameter. However, this is determined based on your state’s housing code, and you may find that they suggest 1.5 inches or 1.65 inches in diameter, and your home has been built with this plumbing standard.

What is the maximum length of a trap arm?

A 2-inch-diameter pipe sloped at 1/4 inch per foot results in a drop equal to the pipe’s internal diameter over a distance of 8 feet: 1/4 inch x 8 = 2 inches (see “Maximum Allowable Trap Arm Length,” above).

How far can a 1 1 2 trap arm be away from its vent?

P3105. 1 Distance of Trap From Vent

SIZE OF TRAP (inches) SLOPE (inch per foot) DISTANCE FROM TRAP (feet)
11/2 1/4 6
2 1/4 8
3 1/8 12
4 1/8 16

What is the minimum length of a trap arm on a P-trap?

The minimum trap arm length is two pipe diameters, as measured from the trap weir to the vent (not between the hubs of the fittings).