What is the most common mistake made when installing joist hangers?

Never use deck screws or drywall screws to install joist hangers. Dont reuse joist hangers. Dont modify them by cutting them shorter. A joist or a truss must lie fully on the bearing.

Is it OK to shim a joist hanger?

We do not have recommendations for shimming because it’s difficult to do properly. Most materials on a jobsite that might be used for shims—such as cedar shingles or scrap lumber or decking ripped to size—have insufficient strength. Another consideration would be the code requirements for bearing of joists and beams.

Is it OK to use screws on joist hangers?

While structural nails are typically used to fasten joist hangers, you may be wondering if screws can be used instead. You can use screws explicitly made for joist hangers. However, avoid using any other types of screws as they cannot support joist loads and are not designed to withstand shear force.

Should joist hangers be tight?

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Quote from Youtube video: We always try to make sure they're super tight you'll notice that there's a couple of flanges right.

Is it better to use nails or screws for joist hangers?

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Quote from Youtube video: Use a proper screw.

Can joist hangers fail?

Joist hangers are important structural components. However, they are liable to fail, with the potential for serious injury or fatality, if not installed correctly.

Is it OK to shim floor joists?

Remember that shims can often be used to correct other joist issues. If the uneven floor is due to floor joists that have warped or twisted over time or were incorrectly installed, the only way to level the floor is to remove the subflooring and shim the joists.

How do you shim an uneven deck joist?

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Quote from Youtube video: It's going to toenail it in. Place. And that's that it's an easy way to solve that problem so now everything is level difficult to push this kind of a joist down it's two by eight.

How do you shim an uneven floor?

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Quote from Youtube video: And uh that will give us the level floor that we're looking for all right what we're doing is just adding a bit of glue a little liquid nails to the pads or the shims.

How much weight will joist hangers hold?

These hangers are bent to 45 degrees and can be installed with joist hanger nails using the same method as straight joist hangers.

Joist Hanger Vertical Capacity.

Joist Size Min Capacity lbs
2×6 400
2×8 500
2×10 600
2×12 700

Do you put joist hangers on first?

Install hangers right—the first time: Toenail joists to the ledger. Toenail decking joists into position along the wall ledger using a galvanized 16d nail. Make sure the top of the joist is even with the top of the flashing on the wall ledger so that decking will go on evenly.

How tight should joists be?

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Quote from Youtube video: But no more than an eighth of an inch gap in other words you could have up to an eighth of an inch gap. Any more than an eighth of an inch gap.

Do you use joist hangers on both ends?

Joist hangers are preferable to both toe-nailing and end-nailing. Joist hangers provide greater shear force support to joists, as the hanger allows for both face nailing and toe-nailing into ledger boards and rim joists.

What can I use instead of joist hangers?

The most common alternative to using joist hangers is a ledger strip. This technique requires a plank of wood to be secured to the outside wall to create a “ledge” where the joists would rest for support.

Can I use 2×6 joist hangers for 2×8?

Usually, the hanger size is the same as the joist size, but you can use a hanger that is one dimensional size less than the joist depth—a 2×6 hanger can be used with a 2×8 joist, for instance. Keep in mind that the load capacity of the smaller hanger needs to be adequate to support the load on the joist.

Can you use a nail gun for joist hangers?

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Quote from Youtube video: And you're on and you're popping. So if you can't get your gun inside of the joist bay or you're in a real hard to reach place go by yourself a little palm nailer.

Can you bend joist hangers?

Don’t reuse joist hangers, and don’t modify them by cutting them shorter or bending their outside flanges (such as around the edge of the wall ledger and nailing into its end grain). Installing reused or modified joist hangers reduce their load capacity.

How long should nails be for joist hangers?

Typically, the least you can use for a single joist hanger is a 10d common. The short joist hanger nails are also 10d nails, and they can be used for single joist hangers. When it comes to double joist hangers and beam hangers, however, you need a full-length 16d common nail.

Can I use framing nails for joist hangers?

The answer is yes! Manufacturers of connection hardware, such as Simpson Strong-tie, always indicate what type of nails should be used with their products. They typcially specify 16d, 10d or 8d common nails for the installation of hangers, straps and ties.

Do you need to use all holes in joist hangers?

Standard joist hanger connection

Nails placed in all holes guarantee full load capacity. Unless specified otherwise by the designer, always use full nailing.