Do lighting circuits need to be RCD protected?

Agreed, RCDs are now required on domestic lighting circuits, if the circuit is modified (replacing the lights, which are fixed equipment counts as that) then it must be brought up to spec.

Can you spur off a light fitting?

There are various ways of extending a lighting circuit to add lighting points: You could run a spur from the last ceiling rose in a loop-in circuit; run a spur from an existing junction box, or from a new junction box; or run a fused spur from a socket outlet.

Does a spur need RCD protection?

Yes you can fit an RCD spur to supply the additional sockets. No you don’t need to provide RCD compliance to the rest of the circuit, as was pointed out in post #2.

What needs to be protected by an RCD?

An RCD is designed to protect against the risks of electrocution and fire caused by earth faults. For example, if you cut through the cable when mowing the lawn and accidentally touched the exposed live wires or a faulty appliance overheats causing electric current to flow to earth.

What code is no RCD protection on lights?

BPG4 recommends that the EICR code for no RCD in this instance would be a C3 – IMPROVEMENT RECOMMENDED. Be aware that a lot of electricians will code this as a C2 – POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS if there is no supplementary bonding.

Why do lights need RCD?

An RCD works by detecting leaks in electrical currents which may pose a risk of shock. For example, electrical currents are intended to travel through selected conduits for safe electrical power, and when there is a leak in that conduit, electrical power can be placed where it causes a shock hazard to people.

Can I run a spur from a light switch?

Unless there is a neutral at the light switch, you’d better run the spur from the nearest light fitting.

Can I run a socket off a lighting circuit?

Technically, you can wire a socket onto a light circuit, but it is not recommended. There can be problems with overloading the circuit. If you add a socket to a lighting circuit, do it in parallel. Otherwise, the light switch will control the circuit.

Can you spur off a lighting radial?

A standard radial circuit can be extended from any point or points that provide a permanent live, neutral and earth without worries about having a spur off a spur or extending the ring. Keep it simple and don’t make the installation complicated without good reasons.

What does an RCD not protect against?

A pure RCD will detect imbalance in the currents of the supply and return conductors of a circuit. But it cannot protect against overload or short circuit like a fuse or a miniature circuit breaker (MCB) does (except for the special case of a short circuit from live to ground, not live to neutral).

Which circuits should not be RCD protected?

For new installations and rewires, all socket-outlets with a rated current not exceeding 32A need to have additional protection by RCD, except where other than for an installation in a dwelling, a documented risk assessment determines that the RCD protection is not necessary.

Do you need RCD protection on an existing installation?

Previously, installation of an RCD could be avoided by labelling a socket to be used only for certain items. In the 18th Edition, this option has been removed, so RCD protection should be installed unless you have a documented risk-assessment demonstrating that it is not appropriate.

Can you use a Rcbo on a lighting circuit?

All lighting circuits in domestic premises are required to be RCD protected. The ideal solution to this requirement is a separate RCBO on each lighting circuit.

Is no RCD on lights a C2?

The socket-outlet circuit appears to have no RCD protection; if the sockets are supplying equipment outside, this would be a C2, otherwise a C3.

Do bathroom lights have to be on a separate circuit?

Light fixtures and wall switches must be on a separate circuit. A 15-amp circuit is minimum, but this is often a 20-amp circuit, especially if there is a heat lamp integrated into this circuit. The vent fan may be powered by this circuit.

Do outside lights need to be on their own circuit?

Ideally, outdoor lights should be on a separate circuit – that way, if something goes wrong, they don’t trip the indoor lighting too. They don’t have to be on a separate circuit, but you have to properly insulate the circuit to protect it from the weather.

Can interior and exterior lights be on the same circuit?

Yes, interior and exterior lights can be on the same circuit.

How do you hardwire an outside light?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: So when you insert it to the j box you want to leave at least six inches. From inside the j box so you have enough to connect it to the outside lighting.

How do you wire outdoor wall lights?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: There you can do this in either the bottom the top or the sides any of these hollow. Sections happy where this wires go and we'll start tacking the wire in place.

What cable do I need for outdoor wall lights?

Once outdoors, you should supply your lights via 1.5mm² three core steel-wire-armoured cable (SWA). Make sure that you only fit weatherproof lights that are suitable for outdoor use and that your circuit is RCD-protected.

How do you install an outdoor light without a junction box?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: So you can run conduit. And it's got one in the back. It comes with a little four screw caps you put those in makes it a good solid.

How can I power my outdoor lights without an outlet?

Christmas Lights – No Outlets Needed!

  1. Use Extension Cords.
  2. Give Solar Lights a Chance!
  3. Use Battery Operated Lights.
  4. Bluetooth Lights Are an Option.
  5. Don’t Forget Rechargeable Lights.
  6. Use USB Lights.
  7. Give Light Socket Adapters a Go.

How do I power my outdoor lights?

Let’s explore the options.

  1. Use Existing External Outlets.
  2. Run an Extension Cord from Inside the Home.
  3. Use Solar Lights or Panels.
  4. Using Batteries to Power Outdoor Lights.
  5. 12 Volt Batteries Can be Used.
  6. Safety Precautions when Using Electricity and String Lights.
  7. The Don’ts of Extension Cords.
  8. Pay Attention to Wattage.

Is there such a thing as a wireless outlet?

Outdoor Smart Plug, Etekcity Outdoor WiFi Outlet with 2 Sockets, Works with Alexa & Google Home, Wireless Remote Control, Energy Monitoring & Timer Function, Waterproof, FCC and ETL Listed.