What can I do with the space under my stairs?

Practical space under stairs ideas

  1. Hide the washing machine away.
  2. Create a seating spot.
  3. Make an immaculate coat cupboard.
  4. Build a dog den.
  5. Create some space in the kitchen.
  6. Design the perfect hallway storage.
  7. Use the space as a pantry.

How do you remodel under stairs?

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Quote from Youtube video: So first step with most remodeling is to tear things down that's the fun. Part. I started by marking where the two by fours were so i could then cut the drywall.

How do you cover the underside of a staircase?

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Quote from Youtube video: Over i'm gonna make a diagonal cut to match. The angle of the stairs. It worked out nicely because i was able to use that corner piece to fill in above this piece of drywall.

What is the space under the stairs called?

The space under stairs is called a “spandrel” which simply translates to the triangular space underneath if there’s not another flight of stairs immediately under this.

Can I remove wall under stairs?

I’ll put it simply – unless you hear otherwise from a professional, the walls around your stairs are load bearing. But if you’re set on removing them (I get it!

Telltale Signs of Non Load Bearing Walls.

Load Bearing Walls Non Load Bearing Walls
Tend to run perpendicular to supports Tend to run parallel to supports

What is stair spandrel?

Spandrel: The triangular space underneath a staircase (when there is not another flight underneath).

What to put under a floating staircase?

7 Smart Ways to Decorate the Dead Space Under Your Stairs

  1. Position A Couch Inside. If your stair nook is in your living room, then make the most of that space and add a couch underneath. …
  2. Add A Plant Collection. …
  3. Create A Reading Nook. …
  4. Add A Home Office. …
  5. Carve Out An Entertainment Area. …
  6. Add A Swing. …
  7. Squeeze In A Bench.

How do you enclose basement stairs?

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Quote from Youtube video: And you're wondering if you can use that space underneath the stairs you can use it and the best way that I do is knock in a full-size door the headers and 83 inches i frame it out 426 for a 24-inch.

How do I build storage under basement stairs?

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Quote from Youtube video: Now not every house has a basement. But those that do have a terrific opportunity for additional storage. Space. Cut out any drywall flush with the bottom of the stair. Stringers.

Are stair nosings a legal requirement?

Construction of Steps

For steps to be used by the public, like offices, flats, commercial buildings, or other stairs for public use, all steps should be level and there should not be any nosings on these types of stairs.

Can I put toilet under stairs?

Can I have a toilet under my stairs? As you have probably already gathered from reading this blog post, having a toilet under your stairs is indeed possible. It’s a great way to utilise the space underneath your staircase.

Are basement stair walls load bearing?

Can a basement stair wall be load-bearing? Basement stair walls can definitely be load-bearing especially since they are located in the basement that is under the house, so it is common for them to receive the weight above from the house.

Is a staircase self supporting?

The straight middle section of a staircase is nearly always self supporting, hence why you can remove the spandrel section, as it’s where the top and bottom parts of the staircase anchors is the critical part.

How do you make a secret door under the stairs?

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Quote from Youtube video: It's a little difficult to see but this wall is made with a five quarter inch thick cedar tongue and groove bead board that was pulled out of the old farmhouse.

What can be stored under staircase as per Vastu?

The space under the staircase should be used for nothing but storage of common household items, say Vastu experts. Cabinets containing valuable items, such as cash or jewellery, should not be kept in this space.

Is toilet under stairs Vastu?

Toilets shouldn’t be placed under the stairs. Toilets are not at all good in the central area of the building structure. Toilets should not be made near the Puja room or the kitchen. Puja rooms and kitchens above the toilet are not at all Vaastu-friendly.

Which side is best for toilet?

Vastu Shastra considers the north-west or the west as the right position in the room for the toilet. Another favorable side of the room can be the southern side of the room. However, never go for having the toilet on the North-eastern or the eastern side of the room.

Can we make temple under stairs?

Don’t position the pooja room under a staircase or against the wall of a bathroom — it is considered inauspicious. 4. Design the pooja ghar on the ground floor of your home for best results. Basements and upper floors are not recommended for mandirs as per Vastu.

Which god should be placed at home entrance?

Welcome good luck and wealth

Wondering which god photo to keep in entrance? As per vastu, you should keep idols and photos of Ganesha and Laxmi at the entrance of your home to welcome good luck, wealth and prosperity.

Which side god should face?

According to Vastu experts, god should be placed in either east or north-east direction in the house. The idols or deities must be kept at a certain height from the ground. The setting should be such that the face of God must be towards west and the face of worshipper should be towards east.