Here’s what’s recommended:

  • Safety glasses or goggles. Such a no brainer. …
  • Enclosed shoes. Another easy implementation. …
  • Gloves. The most common point of injection injuries is the hand. …
  • Ear protection. Especially needed if you plan on using a gas powered pressure washer for extended duration. …
  • Pants.

What safety precautions will you consider when operating pressure washers?


  • Never point a pressure washer at yourself or others.
  • Never attempt to push or move objects with spray from the washer.
  • Never use a gasoline powered washer in an enclosed space.
  • Always test the ground fault circuit interrupter (circuit breaker or outlet) before using a pressure washer.

What are the components of a pressure washer?

A typical pressure washer contains the following primary components assembled together onto a metal frame in a single unit:

  • Electric motor or gas engine.
  • Water pump.
  • Water inlet.
  • High-pressure hose.
  • Wand and nozzle attachments.

Can you cut your toe off with a pressure washer?

By Jim O. The high pressure put out by a pressure washer can easily cut through flesh and cause very serious injuries. Pressure washers cause high-pressure water injection, which is extremely dangerous. These injuries many times result in amputation or severe nerve damage.

Can a pressure washer cut your finger off?

However, on the slight chance that you are not using proper technique, or maybe you just have an accident, you need to be aware that pressure washers do have the ability to severely lacerate your finger and even cut it off. While most injuries are not this severe, this can absolutely happen to anyone.

Which of the following types of PPE must be worn when using a pressure washer in the automotive industry?

Safety glasses or goggles.

And when dealing with high pressure water spraying dirt and debris off surfaces this is simple risk reduction that you need to do.

Should you wear a mask when power washing?

Power washing is, however, still considered as one of the best methods available ways to power clean your house, driveway, deck, and more. Yes, you should wear a mask while pressure washing, especially if you’re new to pressure washing. There are some other safety tips that you might want to consider following as well.

How do you set up a pressure washer?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: The first step is to connect the garden hose. And the high-pressure hose to the pump. You never want to start a pressure washer without the water running through the pump.

Do pressure washers need pressurized water supply?

Pressure washers require plenty of water to operate and water from the source has to be pressurized enough so that it can flow into the pressure washer unit and get sprayed out of the nozzle. In order to feed enough water to the pressure washer the hose of the pressure washer is usually connected to an outside tap.

Are electric pressure washers safe?

Both electric and gas pressure washers can cause serious injuries in users who aren’t using them properly. With electric pressure washers, there is a risk of electric shock or fire. Shocks can occur if the cord to the pressure washer is damaged and water gets into the power cord.

Can electric pressure washer explode?

Pressure washers operate with a high PSI, so there is always the chance one can explode. This can lead to serious injury.

How long can you run an electric pressure washer?

You should not run a pressure washer (except professional equipment) for more than five minutes. While the duration may vary from model to model, it should be between 3 and 5 minutes. Leaving your pressure washer running for more than five minutes can result in overheating.

Do you turn the water on before you start a pressure washer?

Turn on the water. The pressure washer hose will fill with water, so it is important to purge the system of excess air before starting the unit.

Can I use an extension cord with an electric pressure washer?

Do not use an extension cord. They can drastically shorten the life of your machine. If you must use one, it must be 12 gauge wire if over 25 feet in length. Using any length of 16, 18 or lighter gauge extension cord will not supply enough power to your pressure washer and the motor will not start or run properly.

Do electric pressure washers overheat?

An electric pressure washer can overheat, but not in the same way that a gas unit will. Electric pressure washers automatically shut down the motor when the wand trigger is closed. The main culprit that will cause your pressure washer to overheat is running it too long in direct sunlight on a hot day.

How do I stop my pressure washer pump from overheating?

Like with lawnmowers, gas-pressure washers typically require the fuel valve to be set in the open position. If it isn’t open all the way, not enough gas will get to the engine. This could cause the unit to overheat. To prevent this, ensure that the valve isn’t stuck halfway between open and closed.

Can you leave gas in a pressure washer?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: Remember that gasoline stored for as little as 60 days can go bad and this can lead to corrosive build-up. And restricts the flow of fuel to the engine.