Any loose paint must be removed from the wall. Glossy and semi-gloss paint should be sanded to dull the surface and a coat of adhesion promoting primer applied prior to the installation of wallpaper. Any wall irregularities should be corrected with either spackling, drywall compound or other wall repair materials.

Can you hang lining paper on painted walls?

The short answer is: Yes, without a doubt, wallpapering over painted walls is possible.

Can you paint over old paint?

You can use a primer to thoroughly cover the old color, then apply 1 or 2 coats of the new paint. Paint & primer in one paints are a newer option, which could be ideal for your situation and even shorten the project.

Do walls need lining before painting?

Get the best finish for walls before hanging wallpaper or painting. Lining your walls with lining paper before you hang wallpaper is key to a smooth finish for your walls or ceiling. Lining paper can help to: disguise small imperfections in the surface of walls.

Do I need to remove lining paper before painting?

before you paint. If the present colour is a dark blue and you want a more neutral colour then apply one or two coats of white first before you paint your chosen colour. 2) You should be able to paint over the walls. However, if you do want to remove the lining paper then first try to lift it away from the wall dry.

Should I remove old lining paper?

Theoretically, this can then act as the lining for the next wallpaper, just as long as it is not damaged and isn’t peeling off the wall anywhere. However, as a general rule it is usually recommended to remove this layer too, if nothing else then for reasons of hygiene alone.

Why is lining paper hung horizontally?


Because your wallpaper will hang vertically, you should hang the lining paper horizontally – this will reduce the areas where the edges coincide when you wall is finished, which means that you wall should be smooth and free from imperfections.

Can you paint over lining paper straight away?

Once all the loose bits have been removed use a good quality liner paper adhesive to hang the paper. Once the paper is dry you can paint over using any good emulsion. A Matt emulsion would be best as this does not reflect small imperfections under the paper.

Does lining paper cover cracks?

Lining paper can also be used to hide damage on your ceiling. From hairline cracks to crumbling plaster, it will hide any wear and tear and make it much easier to paint or paper. However, make sure the damage is just surface level – you don’t want to ignore structural damage that could get worse over time!

Can you paint over bare walls?

Painting onto new or bare plaster

There’s no need to fully saturate the wall, just a light dampening is fine. Dilute the first coat of paint and apply with a short pile roller the most consistent finish.

Can I paint straight onto walls?

If the wall is in good condition and the underneath of the paper not a dark colour you should have no problem painting directly onto it with an emulsion. It may take more than one coat though.

Can you paper on bare plaster?

Essentially, new plaster is extremely porous (absorbs water and moisture very easily) and if wallpaper paste is applied directly to it, it will suck the moisture out of the paste before it has a chance to dry fully.

How long after plastering Can you paint?

There are different factors that influence how soon can you paint on new plaster, such as the type of material and weather. As a rule of thumb, plaster takes up to 4 weeks to dry completely. You can speed things up with a heater or by opening a window.

Do you need to seal new plaster before painting?

Before painting the new plaster you will require a sealer to prime the surface. Contractors often worryingly think PVA will work as a sealer. Do not use PVA. PVA is the mortal enemy of paint!

Do I need to seal plaster before wallpapering?

Dont seal with PVA – once plaster dry look at pack of wallpaper paste for mixing size, then coat the walls and leave to fully dry (overnight) and then wallpaper.

Can you wallpaper on newly skimmed walls?

If wall has been rendered & skimmed it is advisable to hold off wallpapering for upto 6 months to allow wall to dry out first. If the wall has just been re-skimmed after waiting a good week or so to make sure plaster is completely dry a couple of coats of ‘size’ should do the job.

Do I need to size walls before lining paper?

Applying sizing changes the quality of your walls to make wallpaper application easier. Sizing creates a slippery, slightly glossy surface on your wall. This texture will make it easier for you to move the pieces of wallpaper around as you install them, since they slide into place more readily.