A: This is Nate from Tekton. These impact sockets ship with a coat of lubricant as a corrosion prevention measure, and we recommend that you maintain the sockets with a lubricating oil. If you remove the lubricant, it will not affect the performance of the sockets, but it will make them less resistant to rust.

Are chrome vanadium impact sockets safe?

Chrome vanadium socket sets are known for their rigidity and hardness, and they offer a high amount of rust protection. Chrome vanadium is not an ideal for impact sockets. Its rigidity could cause the anvil to wear too quickly when using air impact wrenches.

Do impact sockets rust?

As sockets are made of steel, if they corrode, a layer of rust will form on the socket.

What does CRV mean on sockets?


Chromium-molybdenum (also called chrome molybdenum, chrome moly, or Cr-Mo) and chromium-vanadium (also called chrome vanadium or Cr-V) are names for two families of steel alloys used in hand tool manufacturing.

Who makes Cr-Mo sockets?

Olsa Tools

Brand Olsa Tools
Size 1/2-Inch Drive Deep Metric – 15pc
Material Chrome Molybdenum Steel
Number Of Pieces 15

Why you dont put chrome sockets on an impact?

Chrome-plated sockets should never be used with an impact driver. Regular chrome-plated sockets can crack or shatter and send pieces flying. Use only impact-rated sockets for impact guns, and impact-rated sockets or nut drivers for smaller cordless impact drivers.

Which is better chrome vanadium or stainless steel?

These knives are constructed with our Chrome Vanadium (CV) steel which is known for their edge-holding ability and easy re-sharpening. However, they are less resistant to rusting, pitting and discoloration than stainless steel.

How do you maintain impact sockets?

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Quote from Youtube video: Even with the allen head sockets done it with those the wrenches I usually use a dremel with a little wire wheel on it and that works pretty good wife them down wd-40.

How do you keep a socket from rusting?

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Quote from Youtube video: Like take like a little bit of wd-40. And hit the wrenches with them especially these wrenches at Ratchet it was like a little mechanism in there just kind of hit them with some wd-40.

How do you clean greasy sockets?

Put as much white vinegar in the bucket as you need to fully immerse the sockets or any other rust-covered surface you have, for instance, tools. Allow the tools or sockets to soak for a full day in the vinegar, and check the progress the next day. If more soaking time is needed, let them stay in the vinegar.

What is better Cr-V or Cr-Mo?

Cr-Mo will absorb percussive impact better than Cr-V without being brittle. Over time Cr-Mo sockets may stretch and lose their shape, but they are less likely to shatter and cause injury. Cr-V is a also a heat-hardened steel alloy that doesn’t have the same properties of flexibility and toughness under impact load.

Which is better chrome vanadium or chrome molybdenum?

The key difference between chrome vanadium and chrome molybdenum is that chrome vanadium contains chromium and vanadium as major alloying components, whereas chrome molybdenum contains chromium and molybdenum as alloying materials. Chrome vanadium alloy makes the steel more hardenable.

What is stronger carbon steel or chrome vanadium?

Chromium-vanadium steel(Cr-V)

It has better strength and toughness than carbon steel, so it is a great material for high quality tools. Commonly used for wrenches, screwdrivers, manual sleeves generally use 50BV30 chrome vanadium steel.

Can I just use impact sockets for everything?

Impact sockets can be used safely on a hand tool, however you should never use a regular hand tool socket on an impact wrench as this can be extremely dangerous. A regular socket is likely to shatter when used on power tools due to their thinner wall design and the material they’re made from.

Do I need both chrome and impact sockets?

Though both impact and chrome sockets are useful tools for working on nuts and bolts, their different abilities mean that most mechanics will own both types of sockets so they will always have the right tool for the job.

Why are impact sockets black?

Rather than a chrome vanadium finish as found on most hand sockets, impact units are made out of chrome molybdenum, which is then carbonized, giving them a flat black look.

Is it OK to use impact sockets with a ratchet?

You can absolutely use an impact socket on a hand tool ratchet, a breaker bar or a torque wrench without damaging the tool or placing yourself at risk. New impact sockets are designed with a shoulder that is stepped down to a parallel neck.

Can I use my impact driver to remove lug nuts?

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Quote from Youtube video: And as you can see it's fully charged. We'll pop that in there. It's got three different power settings from the data I've seen number three settings put out up to 150 foot-pounds of torque.

Why do impact sockets have a hole?

That hole has a very specific purpose. It’s called a retaining pin and it is integral in making sure an impact socket and impact gun/wrench work perfectly together. The pin prevents the socket from coming off the end of the wrench or gun as a result of vibrations.

Can I use impact socket on torque wrench?

There are many types of sockets designed in the industry that cater to different fasteners or tool requirements. Among all, impact sockets are the most popular and durable sockets that can withstand the load delivered by torque wrenches.

What’s the difference between chrome and black sockets?

Standard sockets are made from chrome, which is fairly brittle and can split and shatter with too much vibration. Impact sockets are designed to handle the torque and flexibility without the product failing or shattering. It is made from a softer, more malleable material called chrome molybdenum.