All ducts are now required to be sealed (at the seams), but you don’t normally insulate unless: they pass through a cold/hot environment such as an attic or unheated crawl space. you have an extraordinarily long run and need to reduce heat loss along the way.

Should I insulate around ductwork?

Air ducts typically are not insulated, creating costly heating and cooling losses. You can insulate the round air ducts serving your rooms with standard insulation batts or special-purpose duct insulation. Insulating your air ducts can save 10 percent to 30 percent on energy bills while improving comfort.

How do I cover my air ducts in the basement?

Use Soffits or Tray Ceilings

One of the most creative ways to hide vertical duct work is by using soffits or tray ceilings. Soffits, also called bulkheads, are a frame you build around the duct work to hide it from view.

How do you insulate ducting?

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Quote from Youtube video: So at the least case we would use something like this this is a foil tape. It's designed to be able to stick onto metal even in cold weather.

Can drywall touch ductwork?

Drywall shouldn’t touch ductwork. You’ll need to leave a six-inch (15.24 cm) gap between the ductwork and the wall or encase the ductwork in insulation. If your drywall does touch the ductwork, this could make your walls warm. You’ll need to replace the drywall if your ductwork touches it.

How do you make exposed ductwork look good?

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of covering up your exposed pipes and ducts, but you also don’t want them to draw too much attention, simply paint them the same color as the ceiling or walls that surround them. Painted in a unifying hue, they will blend in and become part of a cohesive background palette.

Can I screw Sheetrock to ductwork?

Drywalls cannot touch ductwork. But, you can install drywall directly against the ductwork with a 6-inch gap. Installing dry walls the right way is essential for the safety of ductwork.

How do you insulate rectangular ductwork?

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Quote from Youtube video: The second method is to double wrap the duct in a crisscross candy-cane fashion. An option of using reflectix.