It is proper to put a hose clamp on a connection like that as often the barbs aren’t sufficient especially after it’s come off a few times. If you’re worried about damaging the fitting from the furnace just add another fitting after it and secure it the the furnace or floor, etc.

Where should a hose clamp be placed?

Clamps should be installed so that 1/4 inch of hose is visible between the band and the hose end and approximately 1/4 inch between any two clamp’s bands. In short, it’s critically important to confirm the length of the pipe-to-hose adapter under the hose before installing a clamp or clamps.

Will a hose clamp work on PVC pipe?

You can use a hose clamp on a hose, but it won’t do too much with PVC pipe, and on the small tubing, you’ll need a really small clamp, so you would probably do better to just get a few of the fittings to do the job properly.

Can you use a hose clamp?

Quote from Youtube video: And you can loosen it up or tighten it up the other great thing not only is it a lot easier to use. This thing than it is to use the screwdriver.

How do you use a drain hose clamp?

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Quote from Youtube video: To put the part back in we have to first put the drain hose into its receptor. And then we can put in the two screws that hold in the drain hose clip. Now they have the drain hose installed.

How do you use a crimp hose clamp?

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Quote from Youtube video: You put it over the hose that you want. And you take a special tool which just looks like a pair of nippers. And squeeze it on and what you've done is you've made a permanent connection.

Can I use hose clamp on PEX pipe?

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Quote from Youtube video: So in short the answer's no they do not recommend.

Do PEX Clamps fail?

Also, the clamp rings can be susceptible to corrosion. If they fail at any point, there will be a catastrophic failure.