Why is my furnace making a high-pitched sound?

A high-pitched squeal coming from your furnace is usually the result of an issue with the blower. The blower in your furnace is powered by a motor, which has bearings that can wear out because of age or overheating. Overheating is usually caused by dirt buildup or a bad capacitor.

How do you fix a furnace that has a high-pitched noise?

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How do I stop my furnace from whistling?

What Can I Do To Keep My Heater From Whistling?

  1. Clean the debris from the ducts. This may be causing a blocked return vent, thus creating a whistling sound.
  2. Your supply vents may be blocked or shut off. Go to each room and open all the vents, even in the rooms you don’t use. …
  3. Keep your doors open throughout the house.

Why does my furnace sound like it’s whistling?

A whistling noise caused by the furnace means that air is escaping somewhere in the system. It may a new or rebuilt fan that is forcing air through the ducts with more force, or it could be a loose connection in the ducts. Listen closely to locate the source of the whistling and then check for any loose connections.

Why is my heat making a whining noise?

A HIGH-PITCHED WHINING NOISE could be shaft bearings that need oil, or it could be a loose, slipping or frayed blower belt, which will need to be adjusted or replaced. Worst case scenario, the blower motor may need replacement. A LOUD BANG OR POP is not a good sign and could indicate that the furnace burners are dirty.

Why is my heater making a screeching noise?

A squealing noise from your furnace or through the vents may not seem like such a big deal. And, in truth, it’s not the worst thing that could happen! It’s likely just that the blower fan motor needs lubrication, or that the fan belt is wearing down or misaligned.

Why does my heater make a loud noise when it turns on?

Furnace Banging

If you hear a loud bang from the furnace when it kicks on, it could be because of an issue with ignition. When a furnace gets the signal from the thermostat to begin a cycle, the gas valve opens. The ignition system or pilot light should ignite the gas right away.

Why is my gas furnace making a loud noise?

Too much air mixed with the gas, making it hard to ignite. Too little gas at the burners caused by low gas supply pressure. Dirty, restricted or weak pilot light (common with older furnaces) Misaligned or dirty burners.