Can you store a used refrigerator?

Storing a used refrigerator is much more involved than just setting it aside until a later date. With the threat of mold and mildew invasion, plus mechanical parts that may easily rust, fridges require proper care and handling before they are stored.

How long can a fridge be kept in storage?

If it was used and not sanitized before storage and not kept with the door cracked opened: about a month and then the whole thing is hazardous waste. Unused? Until too much refrigerant leaks out, which should be +20 years.

What happens if refrigerator is not used for long time?

Essentially, if you leave your fridge on its side or back then it’s possible that it will transfer internal fluids from the right place to the wrong place. 5. While this isn’t ideal, you would do well to check on your fridge every few months. Several months of mold isn’t nearly as a bad as several years of mold.

How long can a refrigerator sit unplugged?

How Long Can You Keep A Refrigerator Unplugged? Typically, you can safely have a refrigerator unplugged for 3-4 hours. Like we said, after four hours, bacteria will start to form and multiply on your food. This can be problematic for meat, fish, and dairy, as they will spoil.

Can we switch off refrigerator for 6 months?

Yes You Can! Make sure you clean the refrigerator before leaving it alone to produce fungus and bacteria from leftovers. Wipe out water from it. Make sure your Refregiretor dosent have something that can decompose, because you are planning to turn it off for a month.

Is it OK to store a refrigerator unplugged?

Prop the Refrigerator Doors Open Before Storage

Avoid mildew by propping an unplugged refrigerator’s doors open with a ball of tape to give an inch or more of space. This space will allow moisture to escape. “The No. 1 thing is to get the moisture out of it,” said Stackpole.

Should I unplug my refrigerator if away for four months?

If you are going to be away for more than a month (or will be placing the unit in temperature-controlled storage), we recommend the following: Remove all food and turn off the circuit breaker or fuse that supplies power to the refrigerator or unplug the cord from the wall receptacle.

How do I keep mold out of my unused refrigerator?

Below is four steps to help ensure that your fridge is in working order while stored.

  1. Leave plenty of time for defrosting. Before you clean your fridge, remove all food and unplug it. …
  2. Clean your fridge thoroughly. Mould can be caused by food debris and can spread throughout your fridge. …
  3. Keep it upright. …
  4. Keep it dry.

How do I prepare my refrigerator for storage?


  1. REMOVE EVERYTHING FROM THE REFRIGERATOR. Clearing the fridge of any contents before you move it is critical. …

How do you clean a refrigerator that has been sitting?

Mix a solution of half warm water and half vinegar. Use a soft cloth to thoroughly wipe all of the removed pieces. Let the shelves, drawers and covers air dry. As they dry, the vinegar smell disappears.

Can you leave a fridge outside in the winter unplugged?

No, appliances left outside in extreme cold temperatures (below freezing) can create serious problems such as cracking pipes, water pumps, valves and drain lines.