Why does my heat keep switching to auxiliary heat?

More often than not, the aux heat is coming on because the temperature in the home is set too high. You are asking your HVAC system to work too hard to maintain a comfortable temperature. Setting the thermostat for somewhere between 62-68 degrees is all you should need to do to get the problem under control.

How do I stop my auxiliary heater from coming on?

The easiest way to stop the auxiliary heat from coming on is making sure the temperature doesn’t drop too fast. You can do that by adding more insulation to your home and closing doors to rooms you aren’t using. Taking proper care of your HVAC system can also help.

Why does my thermostat keeps saying auxiliary heat?

When you see the “aux” heat indicator on your thermostat it means your heat pump needed some help reaching the desired temperature. It turns on automatically when the temperature falls about two degrees below the desired setting and turns off automatically when the target temperature is reached.

Is it normal for AUX heat to come on?

Aux heat should only kick on when the heat pump can’t produce enough heat to warm your home on its own. This is typically caused by one of three factors: when it’s below 35° outside, you’re trying to heat your home by 3° or more, or your heat pump is in defrost mode.

How long should AUX heat run?

The manufacturer advises keeping the minimum on time to 300 seconds to prevent the system from short cycling.