3/4″3/4″ would be fine. Don’t know grade of copper but the wall should be thinner than pex, the 3/4″ drill bit should be fine.

What size hole do you drill for 1/2 inch pipe?

Schedule 40 Dimensions

Nom. Pipe (sleeve) Size (in) O.D. Core Drill Hole Size
1/8″ 0.405 1/2″
1/4″ 0.540 3/4″
3/8″ 0.675 3/4″
1/2″ 0.840 1″

What size drill bit do I need for 1/2 inch PEX?

Quote from the video:
Quote from Youtube video: With an inch wide drill bit will be large enough for suspension climb the extra room is also important because pipes.

How do I choose the right drill bit?

How to Choose Drill Bits by Size

  1. Use a bit 1/64” smaller than the target hole size for softwoods.
  2. Use a bit exactly the same size as the hole when working on other materials.
  3. If you’re not sure which to select, choose a drill bit 1/64” larger than the hole you wish to create.

What size pex should I use?

In general, the greater the distance from the manifold to the fixture, the wider the PEX tubing should be. A 3/8-inch line is sufficient for lengths up to 250 feet; 1/2-inch line will deliver adequate water pressure up to 350 feet; and 3/4-inch tubing is necessary to run a 500-foot line.

What size drill bit do I need for a 1/2 bolt?

A common question we get when discussing carriage bolts is “What size drill bit do I use to drill a hole for a carriage bolt?” The answer is simple. Use the same size drill bit as the diameter of the bolt. If you are using a 1/2″ diameter bolt use a 1/2″ drill bit.

What is PEX A and PEX B?

PEX A is made using the Peroxide, or Engel, method. PEX B is formed using Silane, or Moisture Cure, method. This is the most common PEX pipe type out there. PEX C is created using the Electronic Irradiation, or Cold, method of cross-linking.

Can PEX be run through studs?

The Advantages of PEX

You can snake long runs through joists and studs. Second, PEX doesn’t sweat under high humidity conditions, and it’s also resistant to bursting, even if the lines freeze solid.

How do you support PEX bend?

Bend PEX With a Bend Support

  1. Warm the PEX Tube. Though PEX tubing bends well, it can crimp if it is bent improperly. …
  2. Push Into One Side of the Bend Support. Push the PEX tubing into one side of the bend support. …
  3. Bend the PEX Tubing. …
  4. Push Into Other Side of the Bend Support.

What is the flow rate of 1/2 PEX pipe?

At a design velocity of 8 feet per second (fps) in a ½” PEX system, water velocity will reach at least 12.7 fps and as high as 19 fps, depending on the type of fitting used.

What size should plumbing pipes be?

In most cases, the main pipeline from the street to your home is either 3/4 or 1 inch in diameter, supply branches use 3/4-inch-diameter pipe, and pipes for individual components are 1/2 inch. Remember that water pressure decreases by a half-pound per square inch for every foot pipes extend above your water supply.

How many fixtures does 1/2 PEX have?

For our example, our 1-inch pipe can have up to 30 fixture units, our 3/4-inch can have up to 14, and our 1/2-inch can have up to 4.

How many fixtures can a 1/2 water line supply?

According to Table 6-6 (610.4), at 30-45 psi you can supply 3 wsfu with ½” pipe with a developed length of up to 100′. 46-60 psi you can have a developed length of up to 200′, and greater that 60 psi can go up to 300′. At 40′ or less with 30 psi, ½” pipe can supply 6 wsfu.

Is PEX better than PVC?

When a connection to copper or other metal pipes is required, PEX works better than PVC because crosslinked polyethylene won’t corrode. – Price. When you compare the material costs of PEX vs PVC, PEX comes out more expensive. (However, balance this factor against the lower labor cost to install PEX.)

What is wrong with PEX plumbing?

PEX piping has a maximum bend radius, which can lead to stress on the pipe caused by improper installation. In addition, extreme bends and kinks place a very high local stress on the wall of the pipe, making it more susceptible to oxidative degradation.

How long does PEX pipe last?

Additionally, long-term testing programs on PEX have shown that it has a potential lifespan of more than 100 years. So, while copper systems may have to be re-piped every few years or decades due to corrosion and pinhole leaks, a PEX system can last 10 times longer — or more.

Is PEX safe for drinking water?

There are no health risks associated with drinking water from PEX pipes. A few types of PEX-pipe may cause prolonged undesirable taste and odour if the water remains in pipes over time.

Where should you not use PEX?

PEX can’t be installed in high heat areas.

You can’t install PEX in high heat areas like near recessed lighting. This also means you can’t connect PEX directly to a hot water heater, but you can use a connecting material to do this.

Is PEX or copper better?

PEX pipe is not only cheaper than copper but more durable too. PEX is immune to corrosion and mineral build-up, and it’s not affected by electrolysis, which can cause small pinhole leaks in copper piping. Copper pipes can last anywhere from six months to the life of a building.