a 2 per cent2 per cent minimum slope.

Can you lay artificial grass on a slight slope?

Artificial grass can absolutely be laid on a slope and aside from a few extra fixing spots at the top of the slope, installation is very similar to laying artificial turf on a flat surface.

Do you need drainage for artificial grass?

As I suggested above, in most cases, you shouldn’t need a drainage system when buying artificial grass. This is because artificial grass comes with its own – very effective – drainage solution. Good quality artificial grass is designed to be a fully permeable surface, allowing water to drain through the grass.

What is the best drainage for artificial grass?

The crushed granite or stone used as a sub-base for artificial grass generally allows for better drainage than existing soil.

How do you make drainage for artificial grass?

To install artificial grass drainage, first dig out a trench at least 300mm deep and place the perforated pipe inside. Fill in the space with gravel, then cover that with a permeable landscaping membrane like fabric.

Can you lay artificial grass on uneven ground?

Does artificial grass need to be level? No, artificial grass on uneven ground is the perfect solution for a sloping garden area. A fake lawn installed correctly on a slope makes life much easier, reducing the need for maintenance.

How do you secure artificial grass on a slope?

How to install artificial grass on a slope

  1. Clear area. Remove any grass and debris from the sloped area on which you want to lay your grass.
  2. Lay hanging timbers. …
  3. Install timber around the perimiter. …
  4. Add an even level of Type1. …
  5. Apply granite dust. …
  6. Now add the membrane. …
  7. Fit the artificial grass. …
  8. Nail the joins.

Can water drain through artificial grass?

To answer this question quickly – yes – most artificial grass will be sewn onto a permeable backing of some kind or have drainage holes so that water can pass through it easily. So much so that in almost all cases, artificial grass is actually more effective at draining than conventional grass.