How do you replace the rubber seal on a shower drain?

  1. Remove the Drain Cover. To begin, remove the metal drain cover from the drain. …
  2. Discard the Compression Gasket. …
  3. Remove the Shower Drain Body. …
  4. Clean the Rim of the Drain. …
  5. Install the New Gasket. …
  6. Screw-in the New Shower Drain Body and Seal It With Putty. …
  7. Remove Any Excess Putty From Around the Drain.
  8. How do you clean a corroded shower drain?

    Dissolve surface rust with salt and lime juice. Drain all the water from the tub, then sprinkle salt on the drain. Cover the salt with enough lime juice to moisten it, but not enough to wash it away. Let the mixture sit for several hours, then scrub off the rust with a toothbrush-size wire brush.

    How do you replace a shower drain assembly?

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    So as you screw this down into here it tightens up this flange in the pipe area and keeps the water from going into the lower floor of your apartment or a house.

    How do you replace a plastic shower drain cover?

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    And you're going to pull up with the pliers. At the same time you're going to pry that edge with the flat. Head. And pull up. And the cover should just pop right.

    How do you silicone a shower drain?

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    Next cut the tip off a tube of waterproof silicone caulk and apply the caulk around your drain wet your finger. And use it to smooth out the line of caulk.

    How do you use plumbers putty in a shower drain?

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    So if it's a cold day i need to warm it up before using it then you just pull off a nice little chunk. And then start rolling that out into a nice little somewhat consistent snake.

    How do you remove corrosion from a drain?

    Combine one part lemon juice and one part powdered borax to create a cleaning solution. Using a sponge, dab the mixture on the surface and rub it in to clean the stain. After cleaning, rinse the residue away with water. Clean with vinegar: To clean a drain using this method, all you need is vinegar and paper towels.

    What causes bathtub drain to corrode?

    This is often due to having a leaking overflow or drain gasket that is seeping water around the steel tub causing it to rust out around the tub drain or overflow.

    How do I get my bathtub drain out?

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    Turn my drain assembly and that will remove it from the waste tissue which is below the tub. And. I can put a screwdriver in the hole in the drain. Tool as well.

    Can you replace a shower drain cover?

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    Once I get the screws removed I will pop the cover off the drain. Then I will take the new drain cover line the holes up in the drain cover with the holes in the outlet.

    How do you remove a PVC shower drain?

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    Point you're basically liberated from the pvc. Pipe you can pull up the entire unit you could try to wiggle. At that gasket out with a needle nose pliers. And a flat head screwdriver.

    How do you replace a shower drain flange?

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    Put the screwdriver against it wrap the top of it with your hammer just gently work your way around and you'll feel it start to give once you get it going and get it broke free.

    How do you replace a fiberglass shower drain?

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    Get all the rust. And stuff up there let's get the trap out of the way. It's holding water we may end up having to cut that for me the top of the bottom to get that thing to drop out.